2019-06-07 11:29:35

Hi, all! I know some basics of programing but I am a complete beginer in BGT. Tell me which editor is good, where to start and how to start.

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2019-06-07 12:10:02

here is a guide to you make you a good programmer
1, do not be god dam lazy
2, open the bgt.chm file
3, read it.
4, read it again
5, read it again and again
6, when you get used to it, make soemthing

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2019-06-07 12:38:44

Regarding the editor, I highly recommend Notepad++. If you use JAWS, it will even tell you the line numbers.


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2019-06-07 13:56:32

@2 great guide. Use notepad it's that simple to use. Read the tutorial, practice even the simplest programs you come across the help file. And then practice more. After that read the game programming practice try to implement different things into it. Do all of them. Don't get something and just clone it right away.

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2019-06-07 20:49:20

well 1,
just download bgt if you don't have installed already, then install it, go find bgt and press aplications key, then open file in a location, then bgt.chm and read this chm file carefully! i'm repeating carefully!
as an editer, use notepad. Hope we will get new clone or game i don't know. Thanks.

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2019-06-09 03:09:52

Use notepad if you don't want to have to download something, and NPP (Notepad ++) if you want a sourcecode editer only.
And yeah, read the bgt.chm file.
If you learn better threw audio, there is an audio toutorial that i have somewhere, but it doesn't cover a lot of things, and it is in pretty bad quality.

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2019-06-09 03:12:40

Give me that  audio gied pleease

2019-06-09 08:24:08

I've began reading bgt.chm. Still on alert("ar", "s."); though. Not really,  ireached dynamic menu and sound playing. big_smile

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2019-06-09 08:54:42 (edited by Slender 2019-06-09 12:08:28)

Blastbay produced an audio tutorial which can be downloaded here, though it was produced in 2010 and is probably very outdated by now.

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2019-06-09 15:51:32

Yeah, the dev himself even said that guide is out of date with the new engin.
The audio guide, witch doesn't cover everything, but also has some sample scripts is
<a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vmn617aq2gxnua/bgt%20toutorial.zip?dl=1">here</a>

I'm not sure what to put here, so...
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