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and here is yet another monthly chat topic up and ready for your monthly chatting pleasure.
As usual feel free to use this topic  to chinwag about anything and everything you fancy, games, books, annoying relatives, projects your doing, cursed pirate treasure or anything else garrrr!

anyway I have to admit myself the last few days haven't been fun since I've had a bloody aweful sore throat which then morphed into a bloody awful cold. I hopefully seem to be recovering somewhat as of yesterday and today, and have actually played some games (I rather like the new Ios game tank battle), but I'm still rather sniffly.

Since I've been basically flat out and extremely drowsy for literally the past week, I haven't got too much to report so far, since basically all I've done is read short stories, either Buffy the vampire slayer ones or ones by Niel Gayman, and cough a lot big_smile.

On the plus side, Mrs. Dark and I have started reading through the Harry Potter books. she's only read them the once before, and while I've read  them probably six or seven times, I haven't touched them in about ten years. Its actually really fun to go through them again, especially when I get to annoy Mrs. Dark by knowing plot details she forgot first time big_smile

The only mildly sad thing is, reading them now makes me a wee bit depressed about what's happening with the wizarding world stuff,  what with how disappointing the last fantastic beasts film was and how it feels as if Harry Potter is going to get the same license squeezing treatment as Starwars (and we all know how well that one worked out).
either way, we'll see.

Hopefully if my cold is actually in retreat I'll be able to do a few more gaming things, and get back to fixing the db. I also really do want to get some of my short story projects finished so I can look around for publishing opportunities. When I'm actually able to write the writing is going fairly well, and reading lots of stories is moderately inspirational in its own way.

either way, hope everyone else is feeling less crappy than I have been recently and generally having a better June.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-06-01 14:58:04

well in this months, is starting 3 months holidays so summer holiday.
Dude time is going so faster now is june heh.

love is nice. If someone is against of it, don't listen to them. You must listen to your heart

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2019-06-02 15:46:15

The month of June.

It is a strange time here in India, since the rainy season is just starting in this month, yet blistering heat can also be expirienced.

I heard from the news reports however, that this year the rainfall might be not enough, there is going to be a drout, over forty percent of the country will be affected by this.

But this is all regarding the rainfall itself. Chenai, a city in the south India, is already suffering  the drout. but this is because of the summer. even the land water levels are going down.

What pissed me off about this entire situation, is that people decided to held yagyas, (A way to apeal to the gods,) rather then doing water conversation and water harvesting, as recommended by the sciantific comunity of these city.


I wanted to ask for a while, how do you read? do you have enough vision that you can read the books? or you aquire the books in such a form that you can read them?

For me, I just get the books in a form of a scanned pdf, (If freely available, I download them from the internet,) otherwise by them from the market and then scan them and use the OCR.

Admitedly, it is a long and frustrating process, but this is what I have. it is also helpful if the sellor itself offers the pdf.

I also finished the third book of the dresden files series, half way to the plot it turned it into such a tense ride.

Let me tell you guys though, aquiring this book here in India was a struggle on itself. online stores did not restock this because the series is not popular here.

Come to think of it, this happens to me all the while. I really have different tastes in almost all the things of entertainment, games, and books.

What's more, apparently I have gotten good enough in chess that I can check computer multiple times, but I can't still beet it.

Hope you are having nice weather.

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2019-06-03 17:27:07

Hope you will feel better soon dark, as I have a cold as well and it ends up being pretty annoying. I have also wanted to read Harry potter again after a while, I ended up watching the movies with some friends but definitely want to read all the books again. As for games, speaking of database, I wondered about something but it's so minor that   creating a new topic about it is probably not worth it, so in hopes you will read this, it's regarding the park boss entry. All the games link directly to the installer, while the park boss entry links to the download page. The direct link is http://www.ndadamson.com/downloads/Park … 0setup.exe
unless of course the developer wanted it this way for some reason and I missed it. Of course, since I'm talking about this game I have been re playing it recently, and it's actually still pretty fun even if it's not exactly the newest thing out there. NA soft games are always very high quality and it's enjoyable to play them. On the tech side, Windows 10 was updated yet again, new NVDA is also preparing, which means preparing the translation as well and making sure it sounds good, and then getting ready to read complaints about bugs smile

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2019-06-03 19:33:01

Forensics test tomorrow and then I graduate high school.

Going to nfb convention in july, for social reasons only. I don’t care about nfb.

Starting community college in fall, getting 12 credit hours to transfer to a university. Fuck the SAT! I ain’t dealing with more bullshit from them!

And that’s all for now.

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2019-06-04 09:42:14

Dark eagle, interesting about Indian weather, hope the droubt doesn't get too bad. Over in this hemisphere it hasn't decided whether it will be hot or not which is a bit nuts. The dresden books are fun, I've read the hole series, while I wouldn't say they're the best thing ever and Dresden himself really got on my nerves after a while, what with his constant sermons on how women need to be protected and then his complaints about himself, the series did have a lot of fun stuff going on, plus the audiobooks are read by James Marsters, Aka Spike from Buffy and also Captain John from Torchwood which is fun big_smile.
Audio is how I do pretty much all of my reading, getting the books from the RNIB here in the UK or from other places. I don't have enough vision to read actual print, BUT I find reading with a synth a bit too distracting for it to ever really be my major way of wanting to read other people's work, especially in  passages or dialogue.
Of course I use a synth when I'm playing gamebooks or doing my own writing etc, but I still find I just don't get the nuances without a human voice.

@nidza07,  my  cold is somewhat in abeyance, or at least its now at the point where I actually am able to do more than lie down and feel completely drained, even if I still have a cough and the sniffles. I'm hoping this goes off  soon since there is music I want to learn. NvdA updates usually are good, I just hope the next one doesn't break too many addons I like for programs, like the Winamp or interactive fiction ones, though that's probably a matter for another topic.
As regards games and the db, actually reporting miner errors like that is exactly what the site and forum feedback room is for.
There has been a miner niggle on the db recently, quite aside to me feeling  full of virus, but hopefully I should be able to get back to getting some serious work done this week, including fixing the link for the park boss entry as you describe.

Well as I said I'm feeling a wee bit better, which will hopefully improve, aside from my lady and I doing a lot of harry potter, yesterday we had the horrible appointment for my lady's spousal visa extension. This was a tortuous matter, apart from being a long form and costing over a thousand pounds (about 13 hundred dollars), to complete the thing on Monday we also had to go to Bermingham on the train, attend an appointment where the documents were uploaded and get my lady's fingerprints taken, which of course meant paying a private company an extra hundred quid for the privilege. Honestly, it was simpler when we had to submit a paper form.
While it was quite a slog, especially the two and a half hour appointment, and the long train journey, hopefully its all fixed. I just wish this actually got my lady a bit more than just an extention of her existing visa, indeed when we originally got the spousal visa in 16, we were told in two and a half years she could apply for a settlement visa which would mean she could start a bank account and get some of the benifits of living in this crappy country, accept that now some idiot has decided to change their mind and we can't get that for another two and a half years, which means not only another couple of years of being terminally short of cash, but also another massive charge and huge visa form to do later.

all in all its bloody stupid, but then again, so is most everything to do with the British government at the moment.

the only good thing to say is that its done, and assuming that something doesn't go radically  wrong we shouldn't have to worry about it again for quite some time.
]Either way, this means pretty much everything from me to my dog are fairly shattered today, although I still have a book review to write, as well as wanting to get back to work on my Novella which has been sadly neglected due  my cold.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-06-04 13:46:54

well may / the beginning of june has been interesting, to put it mildly. GCSE's suck, btw. Kind of want to go to the convention at some point, but since I'm in the UK that's probably not gunna happen for a while.
On another note, been trying to keep up with games and coding as well, I'm hoping to avenchually get sbp back on track as far as updates go, as well as get huntation pollished up and released, if you don't know what that is go check out the topic In general game discussion about it.

2019-06-14 20:58:06

@cmerry, sympathy with GCSEs there, especially them holding them in June, as my lady and I are reading through the Harry Potter books, its sort of interesting to compare school experiences, plus of course it brings back many (usually bad), school memories.

Well we've had an eventful few days. It turned out the application for extending my lady's spousal Visa took yet another form and another thousand quid to be completed asap, this one really was ridiculous! we hope this is finally it, at least for another three years. really the hoops we've had to go through for this one were even worse than getting the dam spousal visa in the first place!

After all that stress yesterday, my lady and I decided we needed a break, so went to see the new version of  Aladdin, with Will smith as the Dgini. As I'll now be discussing the film, if you've not seen it, prepare for a massive load of  spoilage!

The first good thing to say, is that the writing generally improved, and it was over all a snappier film in terms of dialogue and plotting to say the events, songs and characters were mostly the same as in the 1992 film, indeed the tone was rather different.

I liked most of the new casting, Aladdin worked well enough, but the new Jafar was frankly so slimy it was unbelievable!  I also really liked the princess's friend and Djinni's love interest Dahlia as she was both a fun character and a nice idea to give the djinni some plot.
To go along with Jafar, Iago was also an amazing upgrade and now was actually sunister,  though in fairness Iago is one of the elements of the original film that   always got on my whick, and in a watch through last year with my lady he got on my whick even more.

I  liked what they did with the songs for the most part though by just adding extra verses, indeed I've always fancied singing arabian nights but there's never been enough of it to sing, so a few extra verses were appreciated.

my only issue with characters were  Princess Jasmin and the sultan.
Douglas seal was a sultan you could genuinely believe was  someone's lovable old papa, the one in the remake is frankly so wooden and generally dysmal I never really got that anyone could think much of him.

The major disappointment though was princess Jasmin.
Likely for purposes of satisfying the SJW crowd, she was given a power balad and a hole motivation of wanting to be a leader for her people. Unfortunately, she also lost any sense of fun. The power balad was also wildly out of keeping with the rest of the music, as well as suffering from the actress only being able to sing at a belt and! requiring auto tuning, indeed hearing her belt a hole new world was down right painful.

The initial plot of her switching clothes with Dahlia was fun, but they just didn't continue it, and of course there couldnt' be any moments of her trying to play up to Jafar to get close enough to pincht  the lamp, indeed my lady made the point that while the original Jasmin was more damselly, she was also a lot more fun.

I was also a little confused at the actual point of the power balad, which was sort of like a  poor attempt to redo let it go without the heart, since basically the entire purpose of Jasmin's plot arc here seemed to be to prove that she was capable of bossing guards  around, indeed if they were going to go with the route of making her a more effective character, why not go the hole hog and have her actually be compitant at something, rather than just able to give big speeches and apparently persuade men to do her bidding.

Disappointing  princesses aside though, Will Smith was down right awesome! well he's will Smith, he's always going to be down right awesome, but I admit we were wondering what sort of Djinni he'd make because you can't replace robin williams.

I actually liked the idea of Will Smith as the Djinni, since if you  had to have a new actor in the role, better someone who had his own presence than someone trying to pretend to be robin. And that was exactly what happened! he redid all the dialogue, and was very much a different djinni even whilst being the same character, plus of course, a big blue will smith flying around wrapping  was just plane cool!

My only final cryticism, is that I wish they decided on an over all tone, since with matters  generally feeling darker, they took several real kiddy short cuts, for example Jafar teleporting people he disliked off to the dungeons rather than doing antyhing more perminant, or even potentially perminant like   turning them into other things, (anyone remember that horrific pigs scene from willow?)>

I also thought it was a bit silly towards the end, how often other people were holding the lamp and not! using it, indeed during the rather superfluous flying carpet chase, even if one with a rather cool Nazgaul type beasty, if someone had just rubbed the lamp and said "I wish Jafar was turned into a sheep" the problems would've been over pretty quickly big_smile.

As I remember in the  original, once Jafar gets the lamp, he pretty much keeps it all the way through the final big fight.

In general though, \it was better than I expected, and Will Smith was genuinely fantastic.

We also had an amazingly nice meal, which was good, and spent most of today reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix

My Trimps have been a wee bit neglected, but I'm sure they'll cope, and of course my monster in breed memorial is on hold, though I'll be glad to get back to both of them soon enough.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2019-06-15 15:29:20

I remember that it's only febuary yesterday
damm; time is fast
I am glad I grajuated  6th grade it's very harhrhrhrhrd
well it's going to be a intresting month
it's very hot because it's summer time and; you know how it go

remember; it's mike from most a g's
leave me a thums up if it's helpful!

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Yesterday 05:15:12

Finally, rain has started here, though I hope that they won't cut the power as soon as even a light drizzle starts. I actually wanted to know, does that happens in your country as well? powercuts when even light rain...

Though I still hope that it would still rain more than England overhere. specially since the rain is causing problems with worldcup.

Actually that reminds of another thing. people over here in India like to harp on about how much attention has been paid to cricket. but the problem is, when all the sports channal do broughtcast one sport, as well as getting coverage in the news... then what is a avrage sports follower to do? it is easy to say, that you should follow this or that sport, but it is not interesting when following the said sport is a chore, and your country doesn't even play that sport, or doesn't even qualify for that. for example, football in India.

I share that experience of school with you. from incompatant and often corrupt blind organications, which felt like a cult rather than a education center, my usual aversion to talk to the boys of my own age, specially since I never liked their jokes or humor. shifting to a normal school, losing all the friends I had in that school because they switched the school, and most of my secondary highschool class turning out to be local area goons, with whom, I rather not get involve my self. and finally, my general disinterest.

By the time of my final year, perhaps I was more jaded than a teacher who has been teaching constantly for ten years.

And college is any better either. at this rate, I am not inclined to do a post graduation, just find a job on programming (If I could,) and of course not doing any studying which doesn't interest me.

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Yesterday 12:59:19

@Mongu, actually 2019 seems to be okay time wise, or maybe its that between finishing my damn thesis and all the crap with my lady's visa it seems time is going slowly rather than quickly big_smile.
@Dark eagle, my education experiences are slightly different, going from a very nice local primary school from 5-7, to an absolutely institutionalised, ridiculously cliquey and very horrible braille jail from 7-11 (really my teacher was a dead ringer for Umbridge in Hp).
To a complete shit hole from 11-15, the sort of place where knives were pulled  teachers and violence was a pretty dayly occurrence, where the unit for visually impaired kids was just put because the headmaster was afraid the school would close.

That being said, the school where I did my A levels; the  just before university between 15 and 17 was genuinely nice, and I had a great time at university, probably the only places I've been where I've been completely accepted and a part of the hole community, so it depends, still, since HP of course is set around secondary school, it gives a fair few memories of the shithole which I'd rather not think about.

In Britain, if the power and everything stopped whenever it rained, nobody would get anything done big_smile. Honestly This song by Flanders and Swan really isn't too exaggerated in some parts of the country, heck it was absolutely chucking it down and bloody freezing last week.
In fairness I suspect India is one of these places that actually has a monsoon season with major risk of flooding, so rain is probably a more serious matter than just what it usually is in Britain, which is just cold and damp enough to make everyone myserable whenever they have to go out and make dog walking a bit of an impossibility big_smile.

Not a lot to report at this point,I've mainly been working on my sf novella, and catching up with  my Trimps and my breed memorial monsters, both of which are lots of fun, indeed my Trimps are whacking their way through zone 91 while I'm writing this big_smile.

I've also been reading more HP with Mrs. Dark. Its' actually interesting to go through again to say I've not read any of the HP books in  about ten years, oddly enough Malfoy seems less detestable this time around, and Dudly actually worse, though of course part of that might be my perceptions coloured by cursed child.

I do wish There was an audio copy of those source books about the American magic which accompanied the fantastic beasts films, since Mrs. Dark was wondering about that the other day for obvious reasons.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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