2019-06-02 06:38:17

as the topic subject says, how would i go about making audio games in java script? i know it has been done. how would i go about it? thanks for all the help and have a great night or morning evening or afternoon

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2019-06-02 08:49:30

Hm, I think with a lot of applications you'll have a hard time digging up the kinds of EFX and HRTF capabilities OpenAL has, though there are a few that seem decent. [Howler.js] seems pretty good and can handle 3D spatial audio, it defaults to the Web Audio API with a fallback to HTML 5 Audio. There's also a few OpenAL'esk alternatives like [Node-OpenAL], or [WebAL], though none of these seem to support any advanced functions and aren't feature complete. So, Howler.js is probably your best bet right now.

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2019-06-02 14:03:30

Ghorthalon, or whatever he goes by these days, made a nice post on this forum on some modules he created to aid in the development of JavaScript audiogames. The search feature will come in handy for this. Fair warning, you might want to be familiar with NPM and the general outline of how NPM packages are structured. You can then use NPM to install the custom modules he published. Also, you might want to consider using Howler.js directly as opposed to relying on his wrapper to this library. I found there were some issues. I'm creating a small game, and another library I found to work quite well is Sono. You can even use class-like declarations to structure your code and transpile it to regular Javascript and bundle your app. You can even create Electron apps that will run on multiple platforms. I have a love-hate relationship with Javascript, but it's great in that there are so many useful libraries out there to help in development.

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