2019-05-31 13:16:43 (edited by Chris 2019-05-31 13:22:30)

I am hosting servers for Road to Rage, Three-D-Velocity, Scrolling Battles Pro, and the latest Sound RTS 1.2 Continuous 12 version. Connect to all of these using the address christopherw.me and default ports.

There really aren't a lot of multiplayer games which is a shame. Most require you to open ports which is not feasible for some. We used to have The Killer, but it appears the developer either refuses to bring it back online or cannot for whatever reason. I've tried contacting him offering to either host the server or show him how to use a really cheap Linux machine, but he hasn't responded to me. If it's financial issues, why was it running for so long? The better question is why bother hosting it at all if you know your finances won't allow you to keep it up for an extended period of time? It looks like this is another game that's lost.

I'd also like a central Crazy Party server mode. If it ends up coming out, you can bet I'll be hosting at least three instances to allow multiple groups to play simultaneously. That game would rock with publicly available servers!

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.
You may access my NVDA Remote, Three-D Velocity, Sound RTS, and Road to Rage servers by using the address christopherw.me. Road to Rage uses the default 6789 port.

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2019-05-31 14:58:57

criss tk has bin gone i mean oficial one tk page on ims-productions website is gone. So, bye tk too.

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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2019-05-31 18:51:46

IS it normal if Return of the king even doesn't open on my computer? It always writes error, can't connect to the server and that's all. I tried it more than a hundred times I bet, and nothing.

"I should have been there with them when the world crashed down
But now they rest with me.
I'll never forget how I felt that moment
I became Free."

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