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As reported by [wired]:

Researchers from China's Wuhan University of Technology have developed an ultrasound device combined with Machine Learning techniques to develop an AI that can detect people and poses via Echolocation, like bats. How it works is it breaks down the sound into its component parts and analyzes them for patterns, matching particular frequency shifts to a specific posture, a similar technique has been done using ambient Wi-Fi signals. While still in its infancy, it could provide yet another form of robotic sensory perception.

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I always told you guys1 that china is avesome

Raduvay se, raduvay
Raduvay se domaki ne
Kolko liste po gorach
Tolko zdrave na taz kyshcha

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A very interesting article. Stuff like this makes me glad I'm not going to be around in the future smile. Privacy is going to become an archaic concept. You won't even be able to have a wank in your own house without corporations knowing. The way they say people won't accept being monitored by cameras in their homes, but they might accept microphones that essentially achieve the same end result. Isn't that like saying we think most people are idiots.

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there are people who often go against progressive technology and there are those who don't. yet, despite google collecting more information about its users, the number just keeps increasing. as of blindness, apps such as taptapsee and be my eyes among others, pull out video and image data. there is no word about the data being preserved on their servers. what about the directories containing people's addresses and phone numbers being publically available? as of privacy, people used to enjoy a lot of privacy during the middle ages with horses and wagons. in other words, if there is nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all

He picked up the wrench and broke the guy’s wrist with it, one, and then the other wrist, two, and turned back and did the same to the guy who had held the hammer, three, four. The two men were somebody’s weapons, consciously deployed, and no soldier left an enemy’s abandoned ordnance on the field in working order.

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It was the application I was making fun of not the tech. There was a smile in there in case you didn't notice. That was there to tell you that I was taking this lightly and not to mistake my post for a rant. That said, concerns about the growing level of surveillance in the most private place of all, our own homes, is a valid thing. And you sort of made the same point I did, just from a different angle. You're suggesting privacy is an old-fashioned concept. Now that is a worrying development, and a fair point of debate.

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Sounds very interesting! Can't wait to read about this, thank you for posting!

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