2019-05-29 00:27:39

Hi guys. So I have just worked on a little game where you kill stuff with different weapons, and you can do all kinds of stuff. Right now, I will say that I did use some source code from Redspot. It's not the newest one, the old one from 2016. So let's talk about release. Beta testing is an option, however I do not have a domain, but whenever I can get someone to host the server or I can host the server, beta testing will be open for anyone. The full game might be released around October, September. It might come out earlier, it might come out later. So, whenever it is released, hope you enjoy. Bopitmaster34.

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2019-05-29 01:12:20

Hey man, thanks for asking if you can use code which you had no prior authorization to in the first place, not. I believe I can speak for the entire administration panel when I say your game will not be allowed here under any circumstances. Please, find it in yourself not to illegally leach off the work of any developers here. The fact that you have the audacity to make such an admission, maybe believing it would somehow gain you any brownie points or sympathy, astounds me to no end. Congrats, you've essentially branded yourself and not in a good way either.

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2019-05-29 01:39:41

@1 Well, another day, another clone...when did Star Jars: Episode II release again? Seems we'r
in the midst of the "Attack of the Clones"

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2019-05-29 02:35:55

Luckily... Not everyone in this community are thinking like the OP... The more I see these topics the harder I seem to be able to keep my cool

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2019-05-29 02:43:41

hay audiogamer 1056 aka parcker; and bop it master34; you should better visit my end klone games topic; and you should never steel; I said; just kode it your self

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2019-05-29 03:12:17

Might want to evoke the community clause here...  I'm pretty sure 70% of the forum at least doesn't want this guy here, and he's proven time and time again that he'll continue doing what he does and also benefit from the use of the forum as a platform to network with people also interested in helping him with a ripoff game project.  No, it's not an emergency, and no, he hasn't done anything concrete in this particular case as of this time, but still.
Maybe that would be a dangerous use of that power though?  Personally I don't think so as long as all the mods can agree with it, but just trying to see all sides.

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2019-05-29 03:54:36

I agree with defender.
And i may sound like a dick for saying this, but when i said who this topic was made buy, i had to click on it.
Not because i thought the game would be good, but just to troll, and to point out that this is the, third? time he has done this.

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2019-05-29 07:23:07

I am invoking the community failure clause.
bopitmaster34 you are fully aware that the forum does not allow games created from unauthorized source code. You posted a topic in the New Releases section using Soundfall's source code with one line of changed code to serve as a title. We let this go although this could have and should have been a warning.
It can be argued that you have not released anything yet, but it is clear you have no regard for other's intellectual rights as you have even stated that you have lifted or are planning to lift source code from someone else's project.
I will be closing both of these topics and issuing a double warning. If any more stunts like this are pulled, you will be receiving a ban. No questions asked.

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