2017-12-08 10:50:12

Just a curious question, is this alfa the form of the demo if you'll offer one? And of course excited for the full version.

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2017-12-08 11:44:36

I'd say this is more or less what the demo will be, but maybe one or two more games to play. Demo won't let you earn coins or anything.

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2017-12-09 11:03:21

oo wow, hi liam, this is hardy boy dude here, i really love the stuff you do, including your games and other stuff. but problem with me is i love so many games which are paid, not that i am blaiming anyone, just saying and i can't buy them. I want hero's call also so desperately but, i can't buy it. hahaha i will give this demo a try, of course! watched your demos on youtube and your codding session on twich.
Aarush (Hardy boys dood) :d

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2019-05-20 15:48:28

hi liam
maybe you have news about brain station?

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2019-05-20 15:50:03

er? i thught it's finaly heare, but the title pissed me off

2019-05-20 16:27:44

And this, boys and girls is why we need at the very least a partial topic lock, where once locked only the original poster can bump it back to the top.

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2019-05-20 17:28:09

i fucking thought that he releaced an update to this
god dam it, add a topic lock after some time

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2019-05-20 17:57:46 (edited by pauliyobo 2019-05-20 17:58:33)

oh come on. A person can not ask a question on the relevant game topic because other people will get upset?
is not that this topic is from 2009 or so.

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2019-05-20 18:02:21

Actually I agree with 33 also. Didn't know this existed.

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2019-05-20 18:28:31

I thought there was one too, until I read the remainder of the title.

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2019-05-20 18:52:03

Currently there's no news. Disappointing I know.

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