2019-05-11 19:57:34

This game is good, and i have a question:
After reading  daves diary, what can i do?

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2019-05-18 01:43:16

First of all, as a guy who doesn't play this kind of games very often, I have to say I find it quite enjoyable. Also take into account the fact that Estonians quite rarely give compliments, LOL.
I like the open ended and the open world nature of the game, and although you can choose the sexual options, you do not have to. At least for the most part it seams to be so.
The only time I got a bit weird feeling was when I invited the girls to the sauna and I got only the sexual options. Nothing wrong with those, but in Estonia, Finland and probably some more countries it was quite common for both genders to go to sauna together. The purpose was to clean your body and spirit and naked bodies weren't such big of a deal. Nowadays the gender separated saunas are much more in common, but sometimes they still can get mixed and quite often nothing even remotely sexual there.
Of course I fully understand that the game doesn't take place in Estonia nore in Finland and the characters are from neither of the corresponding nationalities, but I thought I still blurt this thought out as my impression of the game.

I also have some questions:
Possible spoiler alert.
1. I recruited Ray and I was told he will arrive the next morning. But He didn't show up. Do I have to go somewhere at the specific time to trigger the scene?
2. I finished the meeting Maki senes and I was told that they visit again. Same question, do I have to go somewhere at the specific time to trigger their arrival.

Or are they going to be implemented in the future?


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2019-05-18 08:55:39

Hello, I have a question.
Is there a way to navigate to the house grounds?

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2019-05-18 10:58:47

Hi, just go to the dining room or the entrance hall.

You can get to the back yard through the dining room, and the front yard through the entrance hall.

Just make sure you have it set to location.

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2019-05-18 13:49:41

I don't see any exit, either in the dining room or in the entry hall, though i'm setting it to location

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