2019-05-13 20:09:42


Well, the topic talks for it self.

Do anyone know if there's still a way to use Skype 7?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards:
Aksel Christoffersen

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2019-05-13 21:44:51

Well Microsoft is forcing people to leave it, and now they've removed the password edit field and are progressively forcing sign out, so unless someone gets a trick to re-use Skype 7 then there shall be no way to do so, forever.

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2019-05-13 22:37:15

pretty sure they killed the API, I stopped getting messages about 2 weeks ago and was forced to update.

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2019-05-13 22:51:12

Thanks for the replies, but I still hope for a solution. If anyone knows a solution for using Skype 7, please let me know. I've tried Skype 8 for about 3 months now, but I personaly just don't like.

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2019-05-13 22:56:02

I've basically just moved to Discord by this point. I was forced off Skype about a month ago, so yeah.

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2019-05-13 23:47:23

Well, i may switch to discord and or team talk

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2019-05-14 00:29:20

it would be nice if you can change your notification sound for different discord servers or channels.

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2019-05-14 01:40:32

A few people, including me, had skype for business witch worked for a while, but microsoft killed that too!

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2019-05-14 03:16:01

no, there is no way.

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2019-05-14 08:18:34

if microsoft added some stuff back like the ability to customise the sounds for messages and let other apps like skype talking use their API again it wouldn't be half as bad

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2019-05-14 09:01:58

Come on, I know it's bad, but they keep developing scripts for jaws, with NVDA it works already quite well. Is it shit? Yes. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. But it doesn't worth this much whining.

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2019-05-14 14:31:55

I was just asking if there's a way to use Skype 7 Again...

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2019-05-14 16:41:26

Well if it was a known one, I would be the first one to try something lol.
I got some what used to Skype 8, the speed is crap comparred to 7, but it mostly works.
Btw, about that, for some reason, it does not respond to commands on my PC mostly, only with lag and this can annoy the shit out of you.
So, I am forced to use skype UWP, a bigger consumer for battery, a program which has much less speed than 8, so imagine how that works lol.
I will still say this, even if I got used to the new ways of doing things, Skype 7 is the only piece of software which had alot of memories for me.
So, rest in peace, good old friend, noone who loved you will forget you.

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2019-05-14 18:55:04

unfortunately bro, if i will have skype 7 for use, i will give to all of skype 7 users. But there not other choiss. We must use skype 8 or if you have windows 10 skype for windows 10. Well i'm using skype since march, and it is not bad, but not good too. For me Skype 8 will not better than 7. Never!

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2019-05-14 20:12:47

You can always try Skype for Web
Maybe it's decent.

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2019-05-14 22:54:09

MasterOfDeath wrote:

Come on, I know it's bad, but they keep developing scripts for jaws, with NVDA it works already quite well. Is it shit? Yes. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. But it doesn't worth this much whining.

split window view not being in skype 8 makes me want to put my head through a wall, so yeah I'd say it's worth it.

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2019-05-14 23:25:59 (edited by Ethin 2019-05-14 23:31:12)

@16, I used to like split window view until I used Skype 8 and realized how cluttered it made my alt-tab menu, and I have enough windows open as it is! So no, I don't agree that its worth this much wining. Skype already has enough ways of switching between conversations (shortcut keys, ever heard of those?) -- use those! You don't see Discord, Slack, and all those other chat services allowing you "split-window view," do you? No, you don't. Facebook messenger does, to an extent, but its not really split window view. Do you really want your alt-tab list having 200 windows because 80 percent of those are Skype conversations? I know I certainly wouldn't...

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