2019-05-14 02:38:14

So it's the end of the year, right? Well, with the end of the year I seem to hit a storm of bad luck. My BrailleSense, which has served me for 2 years promptly encountered a half-closed door. After hitting itself against it, the BrailleSense decided to lose one of it's keys. It's key unfortunately was a dot two, a really common button when typing in mathematical notation. This is a perfect and a worse time for my BrailleSense to take a trip back to Hims to be fixed. It's good because we don't do a lot in my classes, and it's bad because some teachers decided that it'd be a great time to review... with the review being an evaluation grade which accounts for about 30-45% of my total score.
So, I started to look for some options to replace my BrailleSense and I came up with an IPad. Trouble is, I haven't used it much. Really, all I know is how to scroll and double tap using the keyboard. My question for you all is, what are the commands for the keyboard when using voice over? My biggest issue is writing, I don't know how to turn off the text fields, and not turning them off causes the cursor to snap back to the typing area, which is really annoying. The second issue I encounter is reading lines of my assignments. My teachers love to give 78 question reviews (Gotta love Biology) and hearing the assignment read outloud just to hear the next question is super annoying not to mention time consuming (Can you imagine listening 40 questions just to answer number 41? How bout 41 questions to answer number 42? What's that you say? Torture? I thought so.)
So, yeah. Hit me with what you think is a useful command when working with text fields and generally scrolling around.
To recap, here's what I know:
1: Left/right arrows, scroll through the options.
2: Up/down arrow, take you to the next option selected on your roter settings.
3: Up and down arrow together, activates the selected item, be it a text field, a link, or an app.
4: Up/left and up/right arrows, switches the items on your roter settings.
Again, I'd appreciate any help you can give.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is making code that accepts different and sometimes unexpected types of input and still works.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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