2019-05-11 07:20:36

well, NVDA definitely works with oh shiiit. fun game, I can't get over 30. so... I suck. haha

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2019-05-12 19:35:59

GOT AN ERROR TRYING TO COLLECT A POWERUP. Fatal Error!  dialog  Failed to execute script the

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2019-05-12 20:06:43

Please post the errors.log or whatever it's called.

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2019-05-12 22:33:49

should I just post the whole thing?

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2019-05-13 01:57:31

Probably, unless you know of a way to make the error happen again.

If, and only if, you know of a surefire way to make the error happen again, you can delete the log, then make the error happen, then post that log.

If you cannot make the error happen on command, or it was a one-time thing which might never happen again, do not! delete the log to empty it, but just post the whole thing.

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2019-05-13 06:37:19

is there something else that you have to do during a game to get the runner? got it to show up a few times, but just wondering if it has a default score you have to get to see it or something.

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