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This is a thread that is closed, but people on the staff team specifically moderators and admins, should be able to post in this topic, hopefully.
This is to allow all of us on the forum to keep track of warnings and bans, to allow for transparency and accountability between you as forum users, and we the staff. On some forum systems, if a user had a warning on their profile, it would be right there where the number of posts would be. I can not remember which forum system actually did this, but I've seen this in action before. So, while this is a bit more rudimentary, I hope this will provide a similar function.
Here is how this will work after this post:
Each time something happens to a new member, such as a warning or ban, the staff need to update this topic by not only editing this post with an up to date list (I'd be happy to do this), but also adding an additional post to the topic. This way, the topic will appear if, like me, any of you forumights are using the new posts feature. If a post is edited, this does not count as a new post.
Let's say I was really evil and went rogue one day and started breaking rules big time, and Arqmeister spotted it.
In whichever topic I started doing this, he does his usual moderation post saying whatever he has to say.
Then, Arqmeister would come here and create a post saying that Aaron has been given a warning for going rogue, giving some evidence to back him up.
He then adds my name to the list at the top, saying aaron: 1 warning

Then I attack someone personally.
Whichever staff member spotted me doing the personal attack and might post in whatever topic it was, then someone will have to come back here and say that I've been warned again. Then

the list at the top would be updated to say
aaron: 2 warnings
or if I was banned
aaron: banned on 4/04/2019 for 30 days for <incert reason>. Expires on 4/5/2019.
The additional posts will let you keep track of the punishments people have been given, and their reasons.

Current punishments in effect
  • fighter2005: warned on 4-28-2019 for unauthorized cloning of scrolling battles

  • TheTrueSwampGamer: warned on 5-3 for personal attacks

  • tmstuff000: banned on 2019-4-5 for 60 days on account of promotion of piracy and license violation

  • Crazygamer, banned on 4-20-2019 for thread necromancy, personal attacks, and multiple accounts

  • fighter2005, banned on 5-1-2019 for distribution of games using unauthorized sourcecode and assets

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2019-04-04 21:26:59

Just a quick update before posts begin proper here, when a staff member creates a post detailing a punishment, they should definitely link to the topic in question where the punishment was originally given, to allow forumights to find more details and view the punishments in context.

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2019-04-05 15:31:56

I went ahead and banned tmstuff000 for 60 days. Offending post is #15, my reply is #17 over here

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2019-04-20 21:25:59

Crazygamer banned for personal attacks, thread necromancy and multiple accounts

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2019-05-02 14:55:47

fighter2005, more information here

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