2019-04-14 09:29:09 (edited by Krantikari 2019-04-14 09:32:28)

Hi how can I install this extension in chrome?
I tried to install by turning the developer mode on but after I have added the unpacked extension it shows a errors button.
is this the right way of installing the extension?

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2019-04-14 12:51:38

oh thanks! it is great great great greatfull!

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2019-04-14 20:01:07

I am so, so glad you had come up with this, and I love the fact that it's open-source so that other peple who are interested in it from a technical standpoint can fiddle with it and kkeep it going. I always hated it when things like WebVisum, Solona, CaptchaBeGone get started, run for a little while, then go completely dark. These things have been short-lived, with WebVisum probably being the longest to survive before it, too, vanished.
I immediately went to the PassPort Application Status page because I remember there being a CAPTCHA there. And, as a blind and hard-of-hearing person, I have struggled to do this independently to the point I needed help from an Aira agent. I sometimes downloaded or recorded the audio with Stereo Mix, then shifted the pitch down until I could hear the high frequencies well enough.
Will this work with captchas that say things like, select all images with... a certain object?

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2019-04-16 01:09:03

I'm amazed at the results I've achieved, both with extension and Addon. Congratulations, great work!
He is surely offering great help to the blind of the whole world.
I'll contact you by email to exchange some ideas.

2019-04-16 15:07:17

thanks a lot you are awesome add on work great and help me dealing with captcha quite easier
it seem solve google service only correct me if i'm wrong because i can't use for solving math question i open text box tried control plus shift plus 6 didn't work
about google itself i found 1 website that add on can't proceed it
try it you still see captcha letter on the text box but you can't check the box for verify
i don't know if it google ignore or add on can't automated process
if happen from add on i hope will fixing soon

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2019-04-16 15:59:58

Here it worked for me, the problem certainly is not in the extension.
When you submit the form, even with the captcha resolved, it returns to the page with a new captcha, without any message.
The shortcut is not control + shift + 6 and yes control + shift + 5.
Yesterday I tested with a website here from Brazil (receita federal) that uses the same type of captcha and worked perfectly.

2019-04-16 19:57:11

Hey hey!
I tryed to create an account on steam using this nice tool. But it didnt work. Am i doing anything wrong?

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2019-04-17 02:48:26

@31 thanks I didn't notice this so I don't know
but wait on their website it said control plus shift plus 6 here is the message:
On some sort of captchas, this extension automatically solves them for you. On the captchas that don't get solved automatically, select the captcha input field and press Ctrl+Shift+6.
so why is 5 instead of 6 from their website?

the bestest reward for people who are working so hard they should receive their experience of their own life.
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2019-04-21 04:58:01

How to dismiss Chrome developer extensions completely? It's really annoy me whenever I open up Chrome.

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2019-04-21 05:08:35

I just tried this and it worked brilliantly. The captcha wasn't even enter the character variety, it was solve this math equation, which I could not successfully OCR. I had my doubts on that one but it worked first try.

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2019-04-21 06:31:55


WTF happened to the firefox version of the addon?

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2019-04-21 06:50:30

I just checked the site, and it does appear to have been removed.

I could never get it to work.

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