2019-03-04 00:36:31

I made a recording so those of you who want to see the app in action before buying it can hear what it is like.
https://www.applevis.com/sites/default/ … st1216.mp3

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2019-03-04 14:47:26

Hi! Yesterday I tested the app in an actual game of d&d next, in my opinion the most compatible rpg  with the app, and I have new feedback.
The app worked great as I expected in creating formulas and rolling single dice. However, it slowed me down when I had to review dice. I think that having a gesture to read again only the dice you have just rolled would be great, since the process of going back to the vertical menu, going down and make the app read the dice was really slow compared to the use of normal dice. A three fingers swipe or a three finger press would be really useful.
Also, sometimes my group rolls the attack roll and the damage dice together, so not to loose time rolling twice if you succeed. So, yesterday I had to roll a d20 attack roll plus 2d6 dice for damage. It was hard to do this with the app because I could not review my rolls die by die and the fact that the app always summed the dice made it confusing because of the pronunciation of numbers I didn't need. I understand this is a minor problem, after all you can solve it by rereading the roll or by simply rolling the attack and the damage separately, but I think it's another good point to give us the possibility to reread dice one by one manually.

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2019-03-05 05:57:36

@Siria Great feedback. Thanks. We are already thinking about including a new gesture that will simply re-read the last dice roll. It'd be a new gesture as we don't want to lose the ability to read the formula in case you needed to know what formula you have put together if you were still adding dice.

As for being able to know what you rolled die by die, a simple solution would be to select the Individual VO Type. You could then roll 1d20 + 2d6 and, by way of an example, it would speak the answer as "1d20. 17. 2d6. 3. 4." You would easily know from that read that your d20 was 17, and the total of your 2d6 would be 3 + 4, or 7.

I hope that helps.

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2019-03-05 06:15:34

Someone in my gaming group today remarked on a benefit of this app for all players (not just blind). Combined with a pare of airpods or similar, this app can be controled with one hand without looking.  This allows one to use ones other hand for character sheet, or (more importantly) snacking while role playing.

skype name: techluver
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2019-03-05 07:03:08

@harrylst That's the hope. We designed it firstly for blind and vision impaired players but worked hard on making the design universal, simple and fast for everyone. We really hope that all kinds of RPG groups become aware of it and increase their inclusiveness as a result.

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2019-04-13 10:23:30

I like the idea of this app but unfortunately I don't have IOS. smile

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2019-04-18 05:39:16

That's such a great mission statement, I'm so excited to see your full scale projects later down the line!  It's so refreshing to see a sighted person being so proactive in the blind community, the studio sounds like it's off to an amazing start big_smile

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