2019-04-10 11:36:57

Maybe You remember on Aprone's dynamic card engine.
I have created last year some concept of game parody of one strange person and blogger from Slovakia. There are some strange moments and strangenesses of his strange life. Name of this project is Tomo in action. I am not English native speaker and I also need some great sounds.
Please, who want to help and test this project with me and also, have some new ideas to this game and can work with me on It, please contact me via Audiogames e-mail link on the bottom of this post.
I'll welcomed new ideas, because I don't know, which things I can add for this parody game.
Thank You.

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2019-04-10 12:08:49

what's this game about? i can help  you with sound design if you want

2019-04-10 14:16:25

OK, please, contact me privately and I'll send this game to You. I don't want to post It here, because It is just concept and My English is not very good.
But briefly, It is about one blind fellow and blogger from Slovakia.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2019-04-10 14:32:47



I've moved this to the development room as it deals with collaborating on a project.

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2019-04-10 17:26:04

@Liam: that's an interesting idea particularly as the developers room says try early alphas. However, I don't know how many people might be checking there.

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2019-04-10 21:53:08

Thank You for movement to this topic, but really, I couldn't post It here. There are not enough things in this game.

Music is the language of the universe.

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