2019-04-03 08:01:34

This game sounded great, so I clicked the download link.
I got a server 504 error.
I tried the URL link, and got the same error.
Hoping the game's not gone and someone can check it out.

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2019-04-03 23:48:57 (edited by Dark 2019-04-03 23:49:49)

I got a pm about this one as well, and I still have no idea, since honestly the game was only created at the end of last year, and I only just put the db page up in January.

Here is the topic about the game in new releases, but as the developer doesn't seem to have been back to the forum, and neither the linkes to her/his website nor any of the links she/he gave to the game work, goodness knows what's going on.

I'm not even sure if this game could be hosted on audiogames archive if anyone had it, though that seems a bit ridiculous for a game that was around only two months ago.

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