2019-04-02 16:42:27

Hello everyone,
I have a Suggestion for the Forum which I think could be implemented very easily.
I think that a topic where a post has been edited should be pushed back to the top of a discussion room just as a Topic with a new post is.
I think this would lower the amount of double, tripple, usw. Posters on here (and be honest, nobody likes those).

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2019-04-02 17:19:09

I disagree. This would allow anyone to just add a space to a message and get it bumped. At least, if people tried to bump by spamming new posts, we'd know about it, and so would the mods and they could take appropriate actions. Plus, it tells you in the header for the post that it's been edited, so you can see the time and date of the last edit, I find that sufficient.

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