2005-04-27 08:08:34

dear gamers,
my parents have always been touchy

about credit cards and the internet, hacking and all that stuff, and from

what i heard on the first audioforum some of you had payple

Basically what i want to know is what website they're on, how

you use them, and how much money you can have in them.
thx very much.


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2005-04-27 14:09:44

Yes, Paypal seems to be the safest method of paying on the internet. You

need a credit card, but you don't pay with the number of the credit card,

so hacking is very difficult. And, you have a password that makes it safer.

I haven't heard about any problems with paypal so far. But you need a

credit card number anyway.

Good luck!

2005-04-27 14:39:46

yeah, but can you tell me what wbesite i can get one from?
and, all

best wishes.
p.s remember i'm chaos-ninja, i'm just on another

computer right now.

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2005-04-27 16:08:12

oops, sorry, i meant can you tell me what websites i can get one


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2005-04-29 07:37:46

PayPal can be set up in many ways. I use it to perform online

transactions and it's been pretty reliable so far. You set one up (for

free) at www.paypal.com. You will need a bank account (I think it must be US

or one of the supported countries) to accept orders. You can then add a

credit card to the paypal account and pay people using paypal, but the money

will be withdrawn from the card. At least that's how I understand it. I

have never used a credit card with paypal; I use their EBank version, for

which you will need a bank account.

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