2019-03-13 12:23:24

hello gamers

I currently have my xbox again, and looking to add players to throw down with in mk, ki,sf, and other fighters. so drop those gamer tags and i'll send you a request

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2019-03-13 14:46:17

My gamer tag is Glaroc421

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2019-03-13 18:10:39

Mines trtr1000. I currently don't have any games for my system yet. I really want MK. I'm waiting for 11 to come out. Is it possible to gift games? I saw that MK xl is $15.99.

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2019-03-13 20:25:33

Mk  is free on Xbox game pass to play until the new one comes out.  If you grab yourself a free trial or a low cost sub .

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2019-03-13 20:40:27

how do I find the free trial? How long does it last?

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2019-03-13 22:47:02

My gamertag is sljgamer1988
I have Gold, but I haven't tried online gaming yet. I'm not very good at MK, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2019-03-14 11:08:24

If you go on your dashboard there should be a promotion on your Xbox game pass it’ll either be for 14 days or for one month.
Or alternatively you can look online for a subscription code that you can redeem,  I think CD keys were doing one month codes for a low price.

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2019-03-14 18:29:11 (edited by flameAlchemist 2019-03-14 18:31:30)

From the Xbox how do I switch my card or add a debit or credit card?
Also How do I stream it so I can read the MK xl menus?? I know I have to press the stream button on the app on the computer Do I have to do anything with the video quality?

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2019-03-15 18:27:23

You can do it by going to your account and billing on Xbox.
Or alternatively you can do it on the Microsoft website.

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2019-03-15 19:00:47

my gamertag is AbdullaDubais: and i have mkxl

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2019-03-15 19:50:24

Gamertag is JCion97
right now I have MKXL, K.I. Injustice2, Madden2019, and soon to come MK11

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" GamerTag is. ItsTBlaze & Twitter @TBlaze97
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2019-03-16 06:46:46

I have sent all of you friend requests. I am on quite often if anyone wants to claish in one of these fighting games

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2019-03-16 11:48:59

My gamer tag is ryok141.
Current games include: injustice 2. mkx and KI.
Best regards.

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2019-03-16 15:24:13

You guys ok if I friend you? How do I do it from the consul?

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2019-03-18 19:15:44

Hi! My gamertag is yarkidius. I want to play some killer instinct with someone! smile

Sorry for my english

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2019-03-18 19:20:20

my gamertag is liamerven
I'm planning on being on a lot more once MK11 comes out.

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