2019-03-15 22:21:33

hi. so yesterday, I got TK source, I was playing around with it, and I accedentely banned my self. pleeeeees help! I really wanna play again!

I like bop it.

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2019-03-15 22:23:25

well, you deserved it, zuhahahahhah

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2019-03-15 22:41:07


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2019-03-15 23:19:12

Delete the TK source code. There you go. You're unbanned now.


2019-03-15 23:23:25

omfg? How do you ban yourself on accident?

yo! so I'm working on programing, it's really hard. But I'll tell you where you can contact me if your stupid enough to do so.
Contact information:email: [email protected]
Skype: Brennan Draves
I'm usually found on online games, chatting, and being warned bye admins for talking to much, f**k you admin!

2019-03-16 01:45:30

seems he's just trying to start drama.

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2019-03-16 01:59:38

I also don't think this post was mend serius, and I hope it.

so since this thing don't accepts my homepage as webpage, i will posst it in here. Well here you have to note that it is not only my page.


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2019-03-16 03:53:27

That is what to get for acquiring the source code and trying to play the game. It is people like you who deserve a bann and it is people like you who ruin the game for those who want to enjoy it.

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2019-03-16 05:14:22

lol you guys are buying right into his bs.

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2019-03-16 07:11:43

at ivan: suddenly, for your stupidy paid sistem, source leaked: dont do it: everything isn't muney
at1: you banned yourself or hard ban?
at all of guys: i'm helping this guy: not anything else: just help

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2019-03-16 07:15:17

helping him with stolen source code? wow.

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2019-03-16 07:30:04 (edited by AlirezaNosrati 2019-03-16 07:31:47)

just after i said that mahdi is changing, i just found out that he isn't and will never,
devs spend time on their game, they can make their games paid at any time, and you are noone to say that they can't how's that stupid? also, if money isn't everything, why did you make a topic asking for free VPS?

@1 if you are not trolling, i think you are, i hope you get banned from the forums too.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-16 08:24:40

It has come to my attention on multiple occasions that the killer's source code was never meant to be publicly released. This comes from ivan_soto, the developer himself. Thus, I'm hereby closing this topic. Discussion revolving around usage of stolen code will not be tolerated, and I'd honestly wish you guys would simply put it to rest once and for all. Hopefully we'll eventually be able to move on from this rather destructive stage, but as of right now the best I can do is attempt to put a halt to the conversation. Please, guys. We have plenty of decent, fun, time-wasters other than the killer/redspot/ultrapower/whatever. Might I suggest you give them a try? In addition, I've just now sent off a pretty quick message to the list outlining recurring issues of this nature, also pertaining to the what happened to DM topic. It is my hope that we will finally be able to exact a more firm stance on these matters, as right now I feel amount of action taken is entirely dependent on who first stumbles across a given post.

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