2019-03-12 22:02:45

Also, a couple of questions about the new game version. I noticed the belt is now the elvin belt and the elvin cloack is cloack of camaflouge and only boosts speed for dodging, The new buckler, I am assuming is replacing the leather trousers, and I noticed the difference to the knuckle duster. I have not found orc cuffs at all. Are they still a part of the game?

Also, is it just my imagination or is it more difficult to buy heal potions from the merchant? Did Death finally get his way. I know he's been complaining about the number of heal potions, he thinks there are too many, but I tend to disagree. Just wondering, is this an actual change, or just my luck?

and one last thing. I noticed that if you miss the brawn ring does not charge. It seems to me that after three successful hits, the fourth hit will be doubled. btw did I mention how I like the increased predictability? I've never seen an enemy dodge a charged hit. Is this intentional, or again, just my luck. I like the idea of a guaranteed hit for the warrior, but want to make sure that it is the case, before putting something like that in a guide. I don't want fallen adventurers blaming me for their misfortune.

keep killing it smile

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2019-03-12 22:40:15

I think it's your luck.  I've always had enough of those, and I've been getting more monster parts which has saved my life multiple times.
I love the new content.  The more variety the better, especially in a game like this. Whenever I get the cloak of camouflage, I smile because I'm a big fan of adding speed. 
Last time though I had to commit suicide due to having too low attack for the giant and all my weapons breaking. yikes
Really excited for future updates or what you come up with next. smile

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2019-03-12 23:51:48

Of course, I love variety too, that's one reason I'm trying to convince Keeweed to add some crystals to enchant weapons. If we bring back the crown this would add a little bit of overall game content, but not make it too much I think.

I just found that the first time I run into the merchant he seems to always have an antidote, and I thought he used to carry a healing potion more often, but really can't be certain. Still not sure if the orc cuffs are totally out or not.

I have been getting more monster parts, and I'm not complaining about the life totals, I just wanted to know for certainty's sake.

Just like I want to know if an enemy can dodge a hit after the ring of brawn flashes. I'm thinking currently that if you  land three successful hits, the next hit will be a guaranteed double damage guaranteed to strike, but still not 100% sure if it can be dodged or not. I've never seen it dodged, but I'm not sure if it can be.

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2019-03-13 14:29:54

I found this when taking an enchanted item:
Defense: +3. breaking. Enchantment: <i aria-hidden="true" class="ra

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2019-03-13 16:34:10

@ Mitch, that bug was reported, and is being fixed, Keeweed says there should be a new release soon.

@ Dan_C I have now gotten the heal potion from the first merchant encounter, so I'm pretty sure that part was just my luck, Hoping to figure out whether Orc cuffs are still in the game, and if the charged hit with the warrior's ring can be dodged.

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2019-03-13 16:39:57

I do like the new content. I was worried that it would unbalance the game, but it doesn't seem to do that.

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2019-03-13 16:42:12

me too, all the new stuff is great. smile

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2019-03-13 16:44:07

Can anyone explain what the ring of magic does? The description is vague. When it says cast repeatedly, does that mean you can attack then cast, or is the price frozen?

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2019-03-13 17:06:23

@ Mitch,

Yes, when you cast a spell with the ring of magic, the ring will flash Octareen - the colour of magic, and it will "hold off the enemy attack" this means you don't need to defend the next hit, and you can take another action. If you cast a second spell, the ring will flash a second time and you can choose a third action. If you attack or use an item, then the enemy will get a turn.

The wizard staff is the only item that freezes the cost of spells, so if you have the wizard staff and the magician's ring then you can repeatedly cast magic spells and the cost would be frozen, however, for each spell cast with the wizard staff, the durability of the staff will be reduced by one. Once it breaks then the cost of magic spells will start to rise.

I'm still not sure if the ring of magic can be used to repeatedly attack a fleeing enemy. I'm trying to kill the end boss in the first round. After the end boss loses about 25-30% of it's life total it starts to run away. If the ring will let me knock it out that would be great, but I haven't been able to test out this theory. I'm not sure if once the enemy starts to flee I will only get one more chance to damage it, or if the ring will let me keep killing it.

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2019-03-13 19:10:40

Hi guys, I just have to to say: it's absolutely thrilling to read all your comments and experiences with the game. I'm reading about tactics I'd never thought about myself, it's wonderful. Thank you all for sharing!

Now, about some of the comments (I'm bound to miss a few, so sorry for that). The Orc Cuffs are still there, only I renamed them to Spiked Orc Collar, or something. The Ring of Brawn is only charged and activated when an attack is not dodged by the enemy, which is perfectly possible. The Ring of Magic works indeed as Ben describes, and should (I just realize I haven't actually tested this) allow you to cast spells repeatedly at a fleeing enemy, even the end boss. Now that we're talking rings, a small tip for the Ring of Stealth: if you time it correctly, it will also activate when you flee, granting an unharmed flee. The other things mentioned seem to be a matter of coincidence.

Ben, about the crystal quest, I like your suggestion about enchanting a weapon as a reward for something like a sidequest. I'll keep that thought in my mind and let it mature a bit. At the same time, I don't think I'll put the crown caves back, because I hated it being so similar to normal dungeons. I believe the Queen's tasks really add a lot more to the game than the caves.

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2019-03-13 19:30:14

So this isn't a huge issue at all, but there are certain text strings that say things are flying up the mountain, but the creatures I don't think can fly, i.e a giant slug or a big rat.

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2019-03-13 20:37:10

Nope unless someone catapulted them lol.

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2019-03-13 21:54:24

Hi Keeweed, I really admire all the work your putting into this game, and keeping up with the forums. I was just over at the applevis site 

You’re doing a great job of answering the questions, and if I make it to the hydra on my current mage quest I’ll let you know if the ring lets you trap the end boss.

I’ll keep an eye out for the collar, no spoilers, I can’t wait to see if it’s still the same.

I had of course figured out exactly how the new ring of brawn works, - and a tip to all players reading this, the ring of stealth lets you avoid falling rocks, something to keep in mind when deciding how to use your precious keys.

The real thing I need to know is whether an enemy can dodge an attack when the ring is fully charged. It’s difficult testing this out, and I haven’t seen an enemy dodge a charged hit yet. If this is part of the game, great, I love it. There are some instances where the guaranteed hit may be your only chance.

About old game content, and new game ideas. I kinda miss starting with the gnome as a thief. Now it just seems more lonely, and I thought that the gnome added little enough that it wasn’t being too easy for the most difficult setting, - although I still like the idea of a cursed mode, start with the stats of a thief, but no starting weapons or equipment, and a curse that takes 1 point of life for each day on the path. To make it kinda interesting you could have a cursed ring that breaks on day 49 or something.

Also, I guess the gnome is more powerful now that he snoops in pockets, so I’d understand the thief not getting this right away, I just liked having some company.

Another idea for the gnome is that maybe he could tell you whether an item is cursed or enchanted, or if that’s too easy, maybe the story could say something to the effect of “the peeping gnome notices strange markings on this weapon, it might be enchanted or it could be cursed.” Just a minor idea though, not really necessary.

I like the interesting challenges presented in the new crystal quest, it does make it more interesting, but however you change things up I think it would be a little better gameplay if the crown wasn’t left up to chance as much. The earlier version made getting the crown pretty straight forward, now there are a number of times where I couldn’t pass the crystal test. LOL – one time I ate 3 unidentified mushrooms hoping one of them would poisin me. When I went into the cave I had increased my attack, speed and defence, I was thinking, that anything still left in the cave would likely die of sheer terror, but it didn’t get me the shard.

I’m not sure how to do this, I understand you want something that’s not just another dungeon. Some kind of puzzle or riddle where you could collect clues or something. I know introducing new content at this point is difficult.there is a lot of great content already, and I like the idea of the new tasks, I just want to see those tasks associated with enchantments, glad you’re giving the idea some thought.

I hope you come up with something clever, but not too challenging for the item for the witch queen.

@ Mitch, wait until you step on a armored worms toes (grin) or one of my favorites - you purchase a key and the merchants says "I've got one just like it at home" - I bet he does.

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2019-03-14 10:36:30

I thought about giving the gnome ability to detect magic on a weapon, but decided against it because I want to leave that open for maybe another item or spell in the future.

The Ring of Brawn only kicks in when your attack isn't dodged, so even when it's charged, an enemy can still dodge the attack.

Lol @ the merchant and the key, hadn't thought about that one, but it's funny! About the other weird combo's, it's kind of intended silliness smile

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
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Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-03-14 15:52:10

@ Keeweed,

So, I still couldn’t take out the Hydra in the first round. Not enough treasure, even with a mana potion. Keeping your staf till the end, without the ability to cast spells without draining the durability is just too difficult. I’m hoping for this change soon. I could keep the staff around at a low durability, cast spells as needed, keep it in check with mana potions, and then a sharpening stone before the end battle might give me just enough to accomplish the first round kill.

However, I did have a chance to test out the fleeing theory in a way. A ghoul with 5 life was fleeing, so I hit it with a lava spell for 6 damage, it reduced the life to zero, the ring flashed and I got the second attack, so I attacked bare handed, and won the fight.

I think this indicates that the ring will flash and allow you to keep going, even if the mob is fleeing. It’s just the bug about the life total of zero not killing the mob if the damage is dealt with spells.

Also, I might have had more treasure if I could have sold the item from the witch queen, but the task were too hard. Keeping life under 6 or getting poisoned I think would be better suited for the enchanting crystals, and I’m still hoping that the queen’s quest will become a little easier. The end weapon, even if randomized, is pretty essential to getting through the castle. It feels like you initially designed the game with the idea that finishing the queen’s quest would not be too too difficult. When the task is something like keeping an elixir in inventory, then it’s not as hard as getting poisoned. I’ve always been able to keep an elixir in inventory, but not necessarily control poisin, or keeping life total low. Having the quest be to keep life at 10 or better would be easier, then you could drink a potion before entering the cave.

The game is very balanced, almost perfectly I’d say. Just giving players the choice over whether they use the staff when casting a spell, and something about the queen’s quest would be appreciated.

I understand about the gnome. – Maybe a scroll, like the tomb. Use the scroll to identify strange markings.
About that brawn ring. Just so I understand perfectly. Say you land three successful hits, so the ring is now charged. Then you encounter a cobra that dodges your attack. – that means the ring is still charged, so the next time you attack the cobra will either dodge, or suffer a double damage hit. If the cobra dodges a second time, then the ring is still charged, and the third time you attack the cobra, when the cobra fails to dodge, the ring will flash and your thrust will be doubled?

Do I have this right.

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2019-03-14 16:57:17

I believe that's how it works, at least from what I've seen. smile

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2019-03-14 17:20:48

Actually something that could be done is instead of making all new pieces of equipment that boost stats, like the spiked orc cuffs, you could have that same object with different text strings that are randomized each time. It wouldn't upset the balance, and would add a bit more randomness to the game.

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2019-03-14 18:22:36

@ Mitch, I'm not sure that changing what the item does would be good for gameplay. I think the randomness comes in what treasure you will find at the end of the dungeon, but players want to be able to strategize. For instance if I am offered a knuckle duster for killing a monster when I have a leather shield and a low speed, and I break my only dagger on a demon, thinking that I will now have +2 to bare handed attacks, and it turns out that the knuckle duster now does what a buckler used to do, and gives +2 defence when taking a hit, I'd be pretty upset. now I have a near useless artifact, that I will likely sell to get another shield later, and I will have a low bare handed attack, and no weapon.
There needs to be balance between randomness and predictability. I think that it is pretty good for that.

@ Keeweed, a couple of ideas, maybe the gnome would notice the markings, but the scroll would identify the enchantment/curse - also make sure the scroll mentions the actual curse, most of them aren't so bad. taking a tower shield with a -2 defence curse means you basically have a round shield instead of a tower shield, not bad really.

So, I'm thinking you would find a weapon, without the gnome you would know nothing about it. the gnome would notice markings, but you don't know what they do.
Either way, - you could use a scroll.

If you use a scroll on a normal weapon the scroll would tell you it looks pretty normal.
If the weapon has an enchantment or curse the scroll would tell you about it exactly, like defence +2 or speed -1

So, having the gnome would let you know whether you should use a scroll or not, but not anymore info. You would know something's up, but would still be gambling.

Without the gnome, you could be wasting scrolls on normal weapons. I think this might be the kind of complexity you're going for. It makes the gnome scroll kind of a combo.

and it could be one more thing for those knights to carry, for a total of 5 objects.

Another idea about the quests, maybe the items for the queen could be in situations where you need certain stats to retrieve them. Like behind an armored plate that can only be broken with a powerfull hit, attack 10 or better. Or in some way where you need a speed of 3. With the ability to focus on stats that the game already gives you this would be more doable.

Also, I did notice one challenge where I needed to have one stat at 3 or better. This was not hard to do in the quest I was working on. so maybe something like that. I also didn't get the chance to try it out, but I was wondering if eating a mushroom would have worked if I only had a speed of 2 instead of 3.

It would also make the queen seem less like a capricious overlord. If the items are trapped somewhere, - maybe in lava that you need a defence of 4 to withstand, then it seems more like the circumstances being imposed on the queen herself. Right now the test seem more like one of those crazy gods that demands certain sacrifices. Although, maybe this is what gave the sorcerer the leverage to slander her reputation.

Keep the weird tasks like getting poisoned or keeping 150 treasure in inventory, but make those quests for the crystals to enchant weapons, and if you get the quests from the traveller, you don't need to adjust the special event count.

Another idea, - although this may be getting carried away, near the end of the game, have a knights of the round table, where you could trade in items for the special knight items, like if you had 3 stink bombs but really wanted a sharpening stone.

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2019-03-14 18:58:19

Okay, let me rephrase. I was not thinking of having two text strings used for different objects that can be interchanged, I am just thinking that for each one object, there are multiple strings.
For example, the knuckle duster could be renamed at times to the Gauntlets of Might, or the short sword could be renamed to the shiny dagger. Same stats, does the same thing, but is just named differently.

You should've gone for the .net ...

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2019-03-14 21:52:02

sry Mitch, I just don't see the point, and I think it would add a lot of confusion.

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2019-03-15 16:30:04

@Mitch, I can see your point, it gets a bit boring to find the same gear over and over again. I was actually thinking about adding a load more of those equipment items and preserve special inventory slots for them, like "head", "torso", and "legs". And then you would have Dwarf gear for defense, Orc gear for attack, and Elven gear for speed. But... I never got around adding it smile

I've just released a new version of the game to Android, which fixes the bugs reported by Ben and some other, minor things. iOS will follow soon!

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … fadventure
Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-03-15 17:46:41

awesome stuff.  new equipment is always nice!  Just unlocked assassin and I honestly think hydra is the hardest boss at the moment since from what I've gathered you have to pretty much invest in speed or be screwed.  Not that I mind, as it's my primary stat anyway.  I'm surprised assassin starts with 0 though.

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2019-03-15 19:06:28

I DID IT! - sry to shout but I am pretty excited about taking out the Dragon in the first round. With perserverance, persistence and a little sheer dumb luck I was able to pull it off. Starting with a sharpening stone in inventory, I picked up a second one from a knight along the way, I freed 6 in total getting 3 stink bombs a mana potion a tombe and the stone I needed for the end game. The second crystal quest was to hold a breaking weapon, easy to do with a basilisk tube. I was super lucky to get another game achievement - I had all four artifact weapons (not counting the marble shield, which I picked up and used up earlier in the game, so I did find all five). I used the tube to kill the sorcerer in the first round, Still getting all 5 exp for the kill. Picked up a battle axe from him. Was randomly given fulgion of fury, dropped the lock pick to get the fulgion. The lock pick was scratched and I had a key. I sold my cloak knuckle duster and fire spell to the merchant. The sword of flame was in good condition, so I figured I didn't need the flame spell, and wanted to keep treasure high for magic spells. I sold the battle axe to purchase a tower shield. So I had a good defence and a decent weapon plus the staff and a stone in inventory still. I knew I had only two mobs at most before meeting the dragon, and I still had 1 stink bomb. I used it in the first fight, then ran from the second fight, using my last healing potion before fighting the Dragon. So with a freshly fully restored staff, life of 15 a mana potion and 241 gold I hit the fight button.

I had the wizard hat and first cast slime dropping Dragon speed from 4 to zero, although I had also focused on speed and had a speed of 3, so even a hydra with a speed of 7 would still only need the one slime spell.

I then cast 14 lava spells dealing a total of 84 damage without the Dragon getting a chance to flee. The wizard staff broke, and I spent a total of 41 treasure, so ended with a high score of 200. With the dragon life at 6 and defence of 4 the fulgion took it out in one hit, but had that not worked, there would have even been a second chance to attack the fleeing monster.

I can't wait to check out the new version with the bugs fixed, but man I seriously gotta get back to studying.

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2019-03-16 03:28:52

I like that the peeking nome does not tell us if the weapon is cursed or enchanted. The first time it happened and it was a cursed weapon, I just told that crazy nome, I'm selling you to the merchant!

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2019-03-16 09:38:02 (edited by EternalGamer 2019-03-16 09:42:59)

Wow, reading the account of how the dragon came down in one turn, that makes me want to start a mage run right now after unlocking him yesterday. I was an oaf though, being well-equipped to kill the dragon in one go and affording him two escapes. I had three totems, attack 4 and a morning star, plus jellify and slime. No idea why I decided to play this slow. Having a 62 % dodge chance against a dragon feels surreal.
Now did I mention I love this thing? Without pictures and app overhead this would probably fit into the memory of a C64, still it's deeper than most stuff I've seen over recent years, with the obvious exception of King of Dragon Pass and Six Ages, but those are, well, let's just say they're different.

In the hands of a gamer, word becomes weapon, argument becomes shield, and life becomes a quest.

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