2019-03-15 12:19:10

Here's another fighting game that is out for PC right now and is coming to consoles later this year. Fantasy Strike is a 2D fighting game which tries to simplify the mechanics while still giving a surprising level of depth. There are 3 attack buttons, A B and C. There are no fireball motions, so each attack button has a neutral, forward, back, and jumping version. A is your normal attack, B and C are different special attacks. There is also no crouching or dashing. No crouching means that blocking is simply holding back, with no high or low mix ups to worry about. While it may seem that these changes would make the game rather simplistic, there are still moves with invincibility, advantage/disadvantage on block, chip damage, combos, crossups when jumping, etc. Throws and Supers also have their own button, and it's possible to use either the traditional up direction for jumping or even have a jump button.
While I haven't tried this yet, I've listened to videos on Youtube and while the sound isn't at the same standards as Injustice 2 for example everything is in stereo and sounds quite good. I'll probably get it this weekend and will let you know more of my thoughts once I've played it.
You can get it for $20 at https://store.steampowered.com/app/3905 … sy_Strike/ and while it lists as in Early Access, the game should be fully released very shortly. Here is a video of some people running through the game's tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xiz5PXcdFo
I'll be back with my thoughts once I've bought and played it some.

2019-03-15 14:56:02

The last game I played with a universal block was saint saya omega  on the PSP and the npc just blocked all day so that the only ways to win was through timeout or throws. I got bored of that fighting engine real fast. Maybe this game can do better but have to wait and see. The other game I seen do this was kamen rider climax ooo but that one had a lot going for it like flashy combos, tons of unlockable characters and transformations, a lengthy campaign and other content going for it. So yeah, gonna wait and see.

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2019-03-16 07:27:48

So, after playing for a bit, the game is actually quite fun. While the button inputs are simpler, the amount of cross ups, poison attacks, parries, and other dynamic moves keep the gameplay interesting. The fights are seven rounds, and the rounds are quite short, sometimes as little as 15 seconds or so. Each character has between 5 and 8 life, and most moves do one damage, though some do two and a couple supers do 3. There is a six fight arcade mode with fully voiced intros and endings, as well as VS CPU, local fights, a couple survival modes, a tutorial and training mode for single players, plus the usual online casual and ranked modes. The game also works reasonably well with OCR.
If anyone has any questions, post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. I'll be working with a sighted person to get a better idea of the options and menus.

2019-03-18 19:42:16

I am going to check this out when it comes to console anyway because I'm loving this, but... If this game gets fully voiced menus... oh... my... gosh. Even the tutorial has a bit of voicework in there.

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2019-03-18 19:46:29

I don't think it'll have any voiced menus, unless something has massively changed recently.

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