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The Constant Battle game combines elements of survival games, with exploration, leveling up and collecting different objects of different nature. As we will see this game is very vast and includes different areas: plains, lakes, seas, quicksands, mountains and even volcanoes!
In addition in this game you can move with different means: bus, train, ship, plane, parachute and teleporter. Currently the game includes four cities: Mortalandia, Belich, Copacabana and Santa Bertalina. It should also be added that in this game we will be able to do different activities: kill animals and players, fish, collect different types of fruit, look for gold in the mine, participate in auctions, access various quests, buy a home, traveling in the past, tackling players in the arena and even having a bank account.
When the game begins, after registering your account, you will start as a pacifist. To start fighting other animals and players, you will need to press shift f2. The condition of pacifist should not be neglected because it will often be very useful for dealing with animals or particular situations. We recommend that you type the f6 key and set the chat channel you prefer. Currently there is English, Spanish, Brazilian, German, Chinese, etc.
If you press the - key, you can write in the public chat. Writing /help there will be a guide to the main keys and objects.
Here we will simply remember that: with i you access the inventory; with space you select the object to use; enter allows you to give an object to a player of our choice; the right and left arrow allow you to walk, while pressing alt you can run; the up arrow will allow us to jump or to climb; control shoots, if we have selected a weapon first.
It is recommended to set the different weapons so that they can be selected by pressing the numbers, so as not to always have to open the inventory and press space to select them. To do this: open the inventory, select the weapon with space and press esc. At this point type, for example, shift + 1. In this way that weapon can be recalled much more quickly.
In Constant Battle there are 2 types of money: coins and reais. Both are useful, since in some stores the reais are accepted and in others the coins. 1000 coins equals 10 reais. Furthermore, as we shall see, there is an office that allows to convert the one into the other.
That said, the adventure begins!

This city represents the beginning of our adventure. It will start from the safe zone. But this is not a common area to overlook because you can find several secrets. For example, if you press enter on the elevator, and you go to the left you will find a ladder. From there you can access the restricted area, where zombies can be defeated.
Always after pressing the elevator, if you go to the right you will find the abandoned school. Going into the teachers' room (on the second floor) you will find a computer. Press enter and a quest will be activated! At this point collect 250 olives (it will be explained later where to get them). If you take them to the principal room in the scool, after pressing enter on the principal desk, you will get a teleporter pack (that contains 4 teleporters!)!

Also in the safezone there is a shop where you can buy items with credits. To get the credits you need to pay with real money. However, I can say that you can play Constant Battle without being forced to spend money. Clearly with the credits you can get more possibilities, but often the same items that can be purchased with credits can be obtained at public auctions, clearly at a high price.
We therefore introduce the main objects that can be purchased here, or in auctions:
bazooca: it is the most powerful weapon you can have. It has only one shot but it allows you to take away lots of hp from any animal or other player.
The wand: allows spells to be performed. To use them you need mana, which can be obtained with rabbit skins (as we will see).
Explosive remote control: allows you to use explosives, to kill other players, or guided missiles, which follow a player to hit him.
There is also a bike, which allows you to move faster; the parachute, which allows you to land in any area of the game; the life jacket, which allows you not to drown in high water (even if it doesn't work everywhere); and finally the darts launcher, which allows you to throw paralyzing darts at a certain distance, to trap players or animals.

In addition, in this city there is a forest, which is located to the right of the safezone. When on a ramp press the up arrow to go up. On the right you will find the forest.
In this forest wolves are fought. If you enter the camp you will find the kidnappers leaving m4a1. If you enter the village instead you can find olives. These, in addition to increasing the hp as all the other fruit, have great value (as we have already seen). To collect the fruit, or any object you find, simply press the spacebar.
Especially at the beginning it is advisable to be very careful with this forest, as the wolves are very aggressive and will attack you. It should be added that they are rapid. The concept is even more valid for kidnappers, which are very dangerous. It is advisable, therefore, to purchase first of all a powerful weapon, which can be found in Santa Bertalina, in the fishing shop, which going to the right also has a hunting weapons section.
Still talking about the forest, if you go all the way to the right you will find a tree. Climb up and you can continue in the thickest forest! Here there will be a mound with the witche's house, Cornelius. This place is quite dangerous, as we risk being burned by fire. On the second floor we will find Cornelius. Near the fire there will be magnetic items, which can be collected with space. These if used allow you to collect all the objects they encounter. It may be a good idea to use them in the forests of Santa Bertalina. We will also find magnetic items on the first floor, entering the different rooms.
You can also give Cornelius the rabbit skins. Every 35 skins will give you a mana pacage, which contains 71 mana. Or the dragon scales. 50 of them can give you an object to resurrect the animals you have in your inventory (parkment of resurrection). To use it you must not be a pacifist.
If you go further there is the road to the mine.

How to travel to other cities?
Constant Battle is a game that requires you to travel a lot, as different cities have different possibilities. For example, in Santa Bertalina there is a forest where there are rabbits, killing them to get the rabbit skin to take to Mortalandia. In Belich city you will find the bank, the fishing village and your own home.
From Mortalandia, city where we are, we can take the plane to get to Belich. From there, if you wish, you can take the train or the bus to get to Santa Bertalina. Also from Mortalandia taking the ship we will arrive at Copacabana. From there you can get to Belich by taking the bus. You can reach Copacabana from mortalandia also by plane. Just get to Belich and take the bus from there. As you can see, there are many possibilities!
The journey by ship is cheaper, but it is longer. The journey by plane is shorter.
In reality, there is also a much faster possibility, which is to use teleporters. At the beginning of the game we will have a teleporter pack. Pressing space on it will open, and we will have 4 teleporters. Press space on them and choose the desired destination

However, before traveling to other cities it is necessary to talk about the most realistic part of the game. In Constant Battle you will have to provide for your physical needs, as in reality! You will have to eat, drink, even go to the bathroom. There are several places scattered around the map suitable for this. In Mortalandia there is a fastfood store, where you can buy food and drinks. In addition, there are several bathrooms in many public places, such as airports, train stations, etc.
What happens if I don't eat, don't drink, or don't go to the bathroom? If you don't drink you can die of thirst. And if you don't go to the bathroom at some point you can't drink anymore! With the letter v you can check your level, the state (pacifist or not) and how much thirst or hunger you have.
Small note. In this game you can sell any item in any store. Even in fast foods, or in the arms store. To do this press the l, choose the object and select the quantity in negative. If I want to sell 100 gold I will select -100.

Belich city
Here is a large supermarket, called a large mall. It is open from 10am onwards. You need to have the watch to check the time (you can buy it directly in the mall), then press h to check it.
Also in Belich there is the exchange office between coins and reais. 1 million coins are 10 thousand reis. In practice, from coins to reais it is necessary to divide by 100, from reais to coins multiply by 100.

There is also a bank to the left of the supermarket. To activate the account, press enter on the service desk. At this point you will have an account with 50 reais. Go to the cash machine, and here you can: pay in the account; withdraw or deposit into another player's account.

The kidnapper quest can also be activated in this city
It is activated by taking a newspaper. Read it with alt enter. At this point go to the forest of kidnappers (to Mortalandia) and kill some of them. Then go to the police station in Belich. Go to Fander's office. For killing the kidnappers he will give us 10 reais and 10 xp for each kidnapper killed.

Santa Bertalina
There are 2 forests, one of which is that of rabbits (the first one) and the second one is where many trees and monkeys are found. In this last forest there is a lot of fruit, and continuing in the thickest forest also darts pacages and arrow packs.
In this second forest there is a house where, going to the basement, you will find the time machine to go to the prehistoric or medieval world. Currently the medieval world has bugs, so we won't talk about it.
At this point we will give a small explanation on how to kill the different animals. Killing the rabbits of the first forest is very easy, in fact these animals are very quiet, and a shot of shotgun or rifle will be enough to kill them. The rifle is very recommended, as it will allow to kill rabbits even at a greater distance.
To kill the monkeys of the second forest the operation is slightly more complex. It is necessary to remain under the trees; press shift arrow up to aim up and shoot, for example with the shotgun the monkey that is above the tree. Unlike rabbits, monkeys are not so quiet. Therefore, they can attack you, especially if you climb the tree and come close to it!
Also in this city there is a cemetery. What will it ever do? Every animal we killed remains in our inventory as a corpse. For each body buried in the graveyard we will get a reward in coins.

You can find also the fishing village. To fish you can also buy a boat, which you can buy in the ever-present fishing shop in Santa Bertalina. The fish caught can be sold in the fishing village shop, or fastfood. You have to press enter to sell it, but you must have at least 10 fish.
Still in the fishing shop, going right you can buy some weapons to hunt. We recommend buying the shotgun and then the rifle. It will be very useful for killing many animals.
Still in Santa Bertalina, entering Braga street is the residential village, where all the houses bought by the players are located (houses can be bought in this city). Since there are so many houses, with the letter c you can check the coordinates of your home.

This town overlooks the sea. In fact, from here we can reach the beach and swim in the ever deeper sea. Be careful though! If the water is very deep we will drown! You can work around this with special items (like the life jacket) or with a spell that you can do with the wand.
How nice to go to the beach and have a nice swim eh? Yes, but we will also find sharks in the sea! To kill them we recommend a very fast weapon, such as the laser, which can be purchased in the mall. In fact, the sharks are really fast, and if we don't have a weapon just as fast we will die! To use the laser we will also have to purchase the laser batteries. You must have at least 10, otherwise the weapon will not work.

Prehistoric world
We have decided to travel through time, using the time machine. What will we find in the prehistoric world?
In the first area there will be bears. You cannot, for example, kill them with explosive weapons. Use the rifle instead.
At the beginning there is a mountain. If you climb and explore with the camera (letter g plus arrows) you can get to several caves. From the fifth cave on, you can find, if you go to the bottom, a caveman. To kill him you have to go against the right wall, jump and when you jump shots. Because the man is above the wall. When you kill him he will give you an antidote. To kill him you need to have 25,000 hp. Don't forget to use soda to recharge too.

Returning to the main area. In the fourth tree starting from the beginning, going up, there is a house! Moving on there will be quicksand. And also the first dragosaurus. In this area, and also in the next, dragosaur eggs can also be found. If you press space on them they will hatch and there will be a babysauro! You can defeat him. But some eggs are empty.
How to overcome quicksand? It is necessary to listen to the muddy sound that they produce and to overcome them with the jump (up arrow and right arrow, for example). Once past you will find a volcano. Attention to every step or you will fall into the lava! First you have to climb to the top of the volcano, jump with the up arrow and then go to the right. Pay attention to the sound of footsteps, because when you hear a muddy sound, at the second step you will have to jump with up arrow and right arrow, otherwise you will fall into the lava! Continue like this until the end of the volcano.
Still to the right there will be Dragunia where the guardian dragons are. Defeat the last guard on the right to pass into the next caves. To defeat him:
1. Become a pacifist with your best weapon already ready with a shot.
2. Go to the quarry
3. Remove the pacifism and attack as much as you can. It can help you have 25000 hp, eating fruit, and have an antidote that doubles the damage of weapons.
Guardian dragons are: white dragon, red dragon and black dragon. The red dragon gives an object called Ireite_necklace. Allows you to charge the wand faster.

Midnight ritual quest
To activate this quest, write in chat: /quest midnight_ritual. At this point we must have the following animals in the inventory: 25 dogs, 20 monkeys, 15 wolves, 10 bears, 4 sharks and a dragonsaur. Obtain the bodies of these animals, go to the house of the wizard in the forest of Mortalandia and we will get: 50 darts, 50 Poisoned darts and 100 explosive tapes!

Quest mine
It is advisable to face it when you will be experienced in the game, as it is one of the most difficult quests in the game.
First of all, this quest can be activated by writing on the chat, ie by pressing the - key and then typing: /quest dangerous_climb.
Earlier we said that the road to the mine is in Mortalandia. Enter the forest and get to the thickest forest. Continuing on, you will find yourself on a bridge, which has a lake under it. It is necessary to cross the bridge, but it is very difficult, since it has several holes. Therefore use the camera, with the letter g and the arrows. Once you cross the bridge you will find yourself on the base of an imposing mountain.
To overcome the newly activated quest you will need to get on and off this mountain without dying. Seems easy? I do not think so!
Once this is done you will get a dress that you need to wear: the fur_coat. To wear the clothes you need to access the inventory, select the object and press space. But if you already have clothes of the same type you must first select the object that you want to remove from the inventory and press alt space.
Note: for those who use a virtual machine the combination is control alt space.
With the fur_coat redo the climb. When you are at the top of the mountain you have to go all the way to the left and press enter. You will pass on the other side. Get off and there are two roads. One takes you to the 10-story building where max bombs, time bombs, etc. are located. On this road you can also jump off the mountain without compliments! Even doing so you can still reach the mine, but you need to go back up a piece. Otherwise from the top of the mountain you have to go down carefully. At one point you will hear the sound of grass in a passage. This is a rope. To continue further we must have 25,000 of life. To increase our hp the only way is to eat fruit, which is found in the forest of Santa Bertalina. However, the effect is temporary, and should only be used for special situations, such as this, or for killing dragons or cave men in the prehistoric world.
At a certain point you must arrive in a cave. Then there is a wall to destroy. With the m you feel how much life has. You will arrive at the mine! Press the e and when you hear a sound of digging continues to press the and for so and you will find gold!
Gold can be sold in Belich city, in the mall, that is the store, in the jewelry store!

Events are very frequent in Constant Battle. The server will inform us of the start of an event and will also tell us where it will take place. In these situations only the use of some weapons, such as bazooca and grenades, will be allowed. These events allow you to get a lot of experience and money.

Final tips
For any problems encountered in the game the chat in English is quite active. I also point out that there is an administrator who speaks English, that is Manuelcortez. Contact him for any difficult problem to solve. However, please do not spam the admin with unnecessary or repetitive questions.
The f5 key allows us to see all the connected players and by pressing enter we can send a private message.

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2019-03-15 13:12:13

very easy guide just go in cb and in chatbox type /help or read readme if it have.

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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2019-03-15 13:23:07 (edited by ambro86 2019-03-15 13:32:24)

Hi  Giorgi, the type of guide I would write is not a copy of help in Batala constante, but a descrition of places, with also secret areas, passages to get things ecc. For example: how to go to the mine? How to get magnetic items, mana, parkment of resurrection and antidotes? How to fight dragons?

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2019-03-15 13:53:26

@3, go for it. I might return in to bc again maybe.

flawless victory!

2019-03-15 15:06:49

reason of cb haven't english readme, is that they dont want to set english admins

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2019-03-15 15:07:31

I also think this is a good idea.

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2019-03-15 15:28:59

I would say that this is a good idea, except for your grasp of english seems to be lacking.
If you want to write an english manual, you should be fluent in english.

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2019-03-15 15:43:12

Redfox, i disagree. My native language is hungarian, although i could write manuals in english if i really wanted to. And if you criticise someone's english, please look at yours, too. Thx.

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2019-03-15 15:54:30

well idk sorry but bc team is so bad with english. Well they don't want english admins and in bc group, nuno said i'm not trusting americans. What's this? wtf?

you can contact me with email: [email protected], or you can find me in quentine sceenes playroom named gamer2004

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2019-03-15 16:07:09

@8, thumbs up

flawless victory!

2019-03-15 16:32:23

Yeah writing a guide would be cool.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @thecoolgamer4 and subscribe to my Youtube channel

2019-03-15 17:21:57

NO NO, I wasn't bashing him for his english. I was saying that I just don't think it would be as good of a guide if him specifically wrote it.
@8, you seem to be fluent enough, from what I've seen of you,

Kvetha, iet fricai, sé ono hávr esterní un sé du stjarnas varda ono. sé onr sverd waíse tuatha. Kenna thornessa un sharjalví fram!
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@5 do you enjoy throwing out random irrational ideas with no backing whatsoever?

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2019-03-15 17:46:16

yeah mahdi, what was the purpose of this post, and where is your proof?
I don't think you realize just how dificult it is to translate reliably, without paying people.
Now @1, if you were to write this manual, I would gladly try my best at cleaning it up.
I'm better at writing then it looks, I hardly ever go over my posts before posting, unless I'm really trying to make a point or something.

Kvetha, iet fricai, sé ono hávr esterní un sé du stjarnas varda ono. sé onr sverd waíse tuatha. Kenna thornessa un sharjalví fram!
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2019-03-15 17:47:02

sorry for double post, but another reason my typing is kinda messy sometimes is because I type fast, and on a keyboard I'm not used to.

Kvetha, iet fricai, sé ono hávr esterní un sé du stjarnas varda ono. sé onr sverd waíse tuatha. Kenna thornessa un sharjalví fram!
This is the ultimate nerdiness. My signature is written in Christopher Paolini's "Ancient Language" as seen in the Inheritance series... Yea!

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2019-03-15 18:12:36

Well, i'm sorry, i didn't mean that against you, but nowadays many people think that they'll be kings if they correct someone with their broken english. big_smile

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But now they rest with me.
I'll never forget how I felt that moment
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2019-03-15 18:22:19

maybe a day, i'll back  to this game again, but i'm not sure, go ahead

2019-03-15 18:23:05 (edited by black_mana 2019-03-15 18:27:32)

lol king? who said that?and yeah that's right, look at your self before you talk about any one else
and jus that he doesn't know much of english, he can ask for help if someone accepted, and i'm not fluent  in english my self but i could help  for such things like spoilers or guyds to some locations  in a game, that's how it goes, helping each other, if you want to work a in   a groupe

2019-03-15 18:41:47

Hello, thanks for your positive response. Is not true that there aren't english player admins. There is a new admin that know english. I will write it also in the guide.

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2019-03-15 18:50:51 (edited by ambro86 2019-03-15 19:53:45)

Read post 1 for the guide. That will be updated!

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2019-03-15 19:28:19

Ok I take it back.
I saw minimal problems with that guide. There's still some spelling mistakes, but not many!
Parachute is the only one I caught.

Kvetha, iet fricai, sé ono hávr esterní un sé du stjarnas varda ono. sé onr sverd waíse tuatha. Kenna thornessa un sharjalví fram!
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2019-03-15 19:47:24

Hi! I have a problem with Battle Constant. When I connect to the server, but then I can't walk in any way. What do I do?

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2019-03-15 19:51:48

Hello, try to press enter.

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2019-03-15 20:15:32

Server appears to be down because when I try to create my char, it doesn't even do it and I get something in Spanish. I tried logging in with the stuff that I made for my thing and it says player doesn't exist. Ah yeah, unreliable much? Unless I'm missing something.

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2019-03-15 21:14:03

it's up now.

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