2019-03-14 16:41:25

Hello everyone.
I was wondering if anyone knows of any website hosts or something have unlimited FTP for a reasonable price?

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2019-03-14 19:18:20

their is nothing in the world like that, unless you want to pay for 10 TB data, but that's too expensive, i'm only using   ftp in my vps, but if you want to ake it as a storing  place where you drop of your stuff, i don't know much about that, maybe  someone  can help you at this point

2019-03-15 07:58:24

I don't know of any that are ftp. However, if you don't mind using a cloud storage provider, openDrive offers supposedly unlimited storage (they really only give you a petabyte) for 9.99 dollars a month. Of course, there's no telling how secure your data will be, because anything that cheap is often too good to be true, but it certainly is there if you aren't too terribly worried about that aspect.

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2019-03-15 08:32:03

there is no such thing as unlimitted

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-15 08:42:44

I think there's not unlimited things but for 100 200 gb you can fined upload centers

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2019-03-15 12:15:45

of cource they will take your  info away, i don't trust cheap   that offers unlimitted hie services, ever