2019-03-14 17:54:52

I'm looking for a new gaming chair. It needa to be something that can be moved easily and is comfortable. I'm not looking for a computer chair and speakers are not needed (headset all the time). Do you have any suggestions?

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2019-03-14 18:07:09

Have you thought about a giant beanbag? My nephew has one for gaming and stuff and it's really comfortable.

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2019-03-14 20:59:53

I got a wheelchair. I sit in it a lot, and I do enjoy comfort, so I wouldn't recommend it because sitting on my soooooooooooft bed is 10000 times better. big_smile

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2019-03-19 18:13:14

I personally have a regular office chair. It's ergonomic, but i don't think it's anything special. Happily, I am not confined to my chair, and I'm usually moving around. Or at least I can whenever I want. If you are looking for a decent but budget chair, I recommend that you read these reviews https://supergamereviews.com/the-top-be … under-100/

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2019-03-20 11:37:37

I have a conventional office chair for when I need to sit and right or use the screen, but most of the time when [email protected] audiogaming or listening to things I just lie on my sofa with my long computer cable.

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2019-03-20 11:41:20


I have ordered a gamebreaker chair a few days ago, but the delivery service has some difficulties with reading maps i think, cause they seem to be lost when they have to move to my house ...

It is erchonomic, it has a futuristic design and can be adjusted almost every way you want. When you stand up, the wheels lockup and the chair can't be accidentally driven across the room. This is on what i have read. But the only sad thing is, the chair is kinda expensive, it costed me 234 euro's, which is roughly 400 dollars or 195 pounds? But i am sure there are cheaper ones.


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