2019-03-14 13:20:52

Hi. Who all likes iMessage? I like it because you can text internationally for free. It is also nice because it comes built right in to the phone

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2019-03-14 13:34:33

But, who actually still uses that though? It limits you to only people who have iphones, which most people don't. And since literally everyone with a phone has whatsapp, it's just the most convenient option.

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2019-03-14 13:38:32

whats this

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2019-03-14 14:24:35

It just converts to sms if the recipient doesn't have an iPhone. Also, if you're cool with whatsapp being owned by facebook, and facebook being one of the worst perpetrators of data mining and misappropriation, then sure, use whatsapp, I'd rather not.

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2019-03-14 15:23:20 (edited by Mitch 2019-03-14 15:24:50)

I don't see why there are issues with iMessage. It works, I can still text people without iPhones, due to the same interface, and it gets what I need for us to get done. Also, I have a phone, and I don't have whatsapp, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot more who don't use it due to Facebook's shadiness.

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2019-03-14 15:43:12

It all comes down to what your friends use. I suppose in a country like South Africa, or Poland for that matter you're very much right. Most people have Android phones, so iMessage isn't particularly helpful. This was the case for me for a long time. Eventually most of my friends and my entire family migrated to iPhones and we started using iMessages a little bit. It has some advantages over the competition - it's very well integrated with both iOS and Mac OS, while WhatsApp's desktop/web app is a bit frustrating to use, and the occasional iMessage app can come in helpful, for example Spotify. If I share a track using the iMessage app, I get an option to play the track right there in the conversation as well as add it to my library if I like it.

Also, with iOS 12.2 which is coming soon Apple made voice messages in iMessage far more useful by improving their quality which is now better than WhatsApp, but they're integrated into the system really well. If someone sends you a voice message, you can just put the phone up to your ear to listen to it, and this works literarly everywhere. The phone is locked and you see the notification on the lock screen? Raise the phone and you'll hear the message. You're working inside another app and get a banner, just lift the phone up and the message will play. You finish listening and want to reply? Same thing. Lift the phone up, talk, and when you put it away the recording will stop. It makes the voice messages incredibly convenient, and now that the quality isn't garbage anymore we'll probably end up using this a lot.

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2019-03-14 21:15:45

It was pretty nice to be able to send messages back when I had a mac and keep everything synced up on both my phone and my computer.  Since then, I haven't really given iMessage much of a thought, as whoever I message will either have an iPhone or Android and there's not much I can do about it either way.

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2019-03-15 02:29:32

I kinda liked it when i had people to message to, of course i still have those contacts but we use it really rarely nowadays. But it's a cool app, much better than Viber's messaging feature for example.

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2019-03-15 13:03:46

I also like iMessage because of the simple fact it comes built into the phone and it’s completely free

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2019-03-15 16:14:38

@2, not literally everyone who owns a phone owns whatsapp. I know I don't, for the reasons stated in post 4 and many others besides. However, I do really enjoy iMessage. I especially appreciate the feature that allows you to send some pretty large attachments. It's also integrated in a lot of places in the apple ecosystem, which is kind of nice. For instance, if you have an apple watch, and you and your friend are competing against each other to see who can be the most fit, I believe it shows when they reach their goal right there in the conversation history. And as far as people having to send messages to people who don't have iPhones, I myself don't really care. It's the same interface. Only thing different is the color, and I heard apple may be adding rcs support in the future, which I think is an SMS equivalent, or at least something similar,  to iMessage that'll fix all the controversy about sending green texts.

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2019-03-15 18:41:55

I like having it on my phone, mac, and watch. I just wish there was a web client or something.

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2019-03-15 19:03:24

I myself, use

1. Viber
2. Duo
3. Messenger
4. RCS

As I stated awhile back in a different forum thread, Viber ain't bad these days, at lerast with Voice Assistant on Android Pie.
(Creating Galaxy SAmsung Phone thread later on sometime...)

I personally don't mind iMessage, though I've used it on an iPod Touch 6th gen. I'm upgrading sometime to an iPad Mini 5, but that's for another thread for another day.

2019-03-15 19:33:14

You can turn off send as SMS, so no problem there. I also like the way iMessage handles read receipts. I personally keep mine off. I do not like how WhatsApp allows you to turn them off but you can’t see other people‘s. I also wish messenger had an option to turn them off

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2019-03-16 11:31:07

Interesting, I guess it varies from country to country then, because I can't remember the last time I encountered someone who didn't have whatsapp. Even old people who aren't particularly great with technology use it, it's basically universal over here. I really don't get the facebook concerns though. As far as I understand it, whatsapp messages are encrypted, so facebook can't read them. I don't know how this stuff works though so correct me if I'm wrong. In any case, what makes apple, or google, or any other such company any more trustworthy? Don't they all do data mining?

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