2019-03-11 14:31:57

Hi guys,

does anyone know any Software, for android or even for Windows wich are similar to the vOICe, brush tone or tactile ware and can accompany them or is similar in it's Approach to make visuals or things like painting, Picture viewing and Vision and such accessible for blind via Audio or tactile? I am happy if there is more of this Kind of Software to try out and use.

thank you in advance.

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2019-03-12 00:23:42 (edited by magurp244 2019-03-12 00:34:23)

A few others for windows would be the prototype [BlindPaint] which requires a touch screen, and [SVGDraw01]. There's also The vOICe for android, but there's another sonifier type program based on The vOICe that simulates color using different acoustics called EyeMusic for [Android] and [iOS].

For drawing tools on mobile, there's [DrawBack] which is designed to be used with TalkBack. It seems to also feature haptic feedback, though Explore By Touch seems to cause some interference. There's also a selection of apps [here] for children with visual impairments due to their auditory feedback for both basic and advanced drawing,  though i'm uncertain as to how intuitive or functional they may be.

It would be interesting to get some opinions and comparisons between all these tools actually.

edit: Also not to be confused, but when you say Tactile Ware, are you referring to [TactileView]? Or [TactileWare] by iFeelPixel? Otherwise you can add TactileView to the list of windows drawing tools.

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2019-03-12 01:09:34

I made an experimental thing for viewing images via sound and Braille. Sound Paint is probably better. It allows you to add custom sounds for arbitrary colors. I aimed for the default to exploit synesthesia, but the last time I uploaded a test, I hadn't worked out how to deal with extremely unrecognized colors in an intuitive way. IIRC, Sound Paint ran into the same problem, and went with the RGB sequence. I did eventually come up with another way that works better for me, but I feel kinda like rambling about it without a link is kinda obnoxious. sad
(The solution was to divide the color not into Red, Green, and Blue, but brightest single color, secondary color, and the rest goes toward luminosity/saturation. Trying to make sense of red+green+blue as a creamy orange was confusing, so now it's red+yellow+white. This is still a little confusing, but it's the difference between unusably confusing and sorta-kinda-strenuous-but-usable.)

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2019-03-12 09:34:26

oh, very interesting recommendations. Haven't thought that there are so many Tools with this theme. Yeah, I was refering to tactileware by Ifeelpixel. @cae, if there would be a way to get your tool, i would be interested as well. I want so many Tools because all have theier own abilities and could accompany eachother and the edia itself is incredibly interesting and cool, since you even don't Need Internet or external Servers, wich you Need in apps like be my eyes and such.

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2019-03-12 17:56:45

an app for creating pictures, adding text to images, drawings, emoticons, size would be great too. The world is a visual one. We just need the tools to fit in.

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2019-03-13 10:15:43

And for us those Software gives a new experience, that's what I like about it. Another Tool is called GSK#, from what I've seen it is even for Windows. I just have to investigate it, since it was named in a Mailing list.

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2019-03-13 11:37:20

Hm? Ah yes, [GSK] was designed for viewing and sketching graphs for things like discrete mathematics courses, although I suppose you could also use it for artistic purposes.

-BrushTone v1.3.3: Accessible Paint Tool
-AudiMesh3D v1.0.0: Accessible 3D Model Viewer

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2019-03-13 15:41:06

I heard that the VOICe doesn't work with Windows 10?
I'd like to try using it.

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2019-03-13 21:50:47

No, The vOICe does work on windows 10. It actually works on a surprising number of windows versions, including windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Even if it didn't, there's a web based version you can use in your browser, although you should have a camera plugged in for that one. Worst case you could try BrushTone which has a similar built in sonifier, i've tested it successfully on Windows 10.

-BrushTone v1.3.3: Accessible Paint Tool
-AudiMesh3D v1.0.0: Accessible 3D Model Viewer

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