2019-03-12 11:36:20

Thanks to receiving a copy of The Division 2's Ultimate Edition, I've been able to jump into the game early.  As a result, I have some more information on the first -time setup.

The setup procedure is now guided in the sense that the voice will say "press next to start, press Y to switch profile", then pressing A takes you through to a setup screen that speaks the "enable menu narration" option on focus.  Setting this to yes allows you to go through the rest of the process completely unaided.

Though not all of it is voiced at this stage, the character creator does show the beginnings of accessibility, as it reads the various options you're actually on (hair, skin, face, etc).  Unfortunately there didn't seem to be a way to scroll between options, nor any kind of descriptive text for them, so character choice is a non-entity at this stage.

Once you've confirmed your character, you're taken into what appears to be a tutorial which doesn't have any text in.  The person you're meant to follow for the first part of the mission says "over here" which you could feasibly follow the short distance, but after saying "meet me at the gate", she seemingly vanishes and there is no objective cue to follow at the present time.

The inventory doesn't read either at the present time, though all the options in the pause menu in-game do read.  The main menu, after pressing Y to log out of the game, doesn't read though the instructions for tabbing around, as well as the settings menu, are spoken.  Hopefully this will improve in future.

I hope this information is of use and whilst the game won't be playable as of yet if at all, I am pleased to see an improvement from the beta and I will edit this post to reflect any updates I am aware of.

Sightless Kombat.
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2019-03-12 23:06:26

Amazing. Thanks for this interesting update. I hope the game will be more playable in the future. We'll see.

Best regards SLJ.
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2019-03-13 08:01:46

yes please keep updating this post, I will possibly pick this up in the future once the accessibility grows for the title

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2019-03-13 10:12:33


This is looking promising, i keep a close eye on this, very interesting smile

Greetz mike

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