2019-01-17 14:40:30

You'll mostly find me on online things as Veljko. Sometimes I can be creative and choose a more interesting nick, but it's Veljko, my actual name most of the time.

Have a nice day

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2019-01-21 13:44:22

I'm CheekyMonkey on most online games, CheekieMonkey on RS Games because someone had already taken it. Also CheekyMonkey on Crazy Party.

I use various names on muds, but don't really play them as much as I used to. I've used Xyra, Xuara, Xantyr, Solara, Lunari, Zyrgad, Lyssra, and a few

I love RPG's specifically and have just beaten Paladin of the Sky. Currently playing Manamon and A Hero's Call. Need to go back to Airik the Cleric because
at the moment I've only gotten past the first boss but I bought it ages ago cheap in prerelease and never bothered to beat it.

I used to have more vision than I did now and one of my favorite games was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, so I gravitate to games
similar to that. I'm not super big on the hack'n'slash games though. I like the ones that have more to them than that, other activities, puzzles, deeper
plots, etc. The turn-based combat games are pretty cool though because they're more relaxed and don't require quite as much concentration, except perhaps
Paladin and it's complicated scrolls. I like Castaways 2 for its relaxing nature and being similar to Sims games, but found a major bug that precludes
me from continuing which is annoying.

Okay, so I've gone off on a bit of a tangent, but if you do know of other games similar to those mentioned above, feel free to make suggestions. You might
see one of the afore mentioned names around.

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2019-03-10 19:34:45

I'm relatively new, but You'll find me on audio games as either Spoon, or LegendarySpoon, or SpoonLegendary, or something to that effect.

Thanks for reading!
This, is the legendary, Spoon, signing out.

Follow me on Twitter! @SpoonLegendary

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2019-03-10 20:27:57

I usually go by Gorila in forums and in all games

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2019-03-10 21:11:32

Im not playing that many games.
Swampp where you can find me as sovs or emil.
RS games, my name is sovsie on there.
And craisy party where iā€™m sovs as well.

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