2019-02-28 16:04:08

For a long time I read the information on this forum. Now I decided to sign up for my questions.
The first thing I would like to ask is, what do you think about PureBasic?
This language is simple. And in this language were developed games such as Deathmach, RTR, etc.
What is this language good and bad for the development of audio games and not only?
Thanks in advance!
If someone has the source code on PureBasic, share, please!

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2019-02-28 21:47:23

What do I think? I think you should just pick a language and learn it. Some might be harder, but there is no perfect language to make audio games with.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is making code that accepts different and sometimes unexpected types of input and still works.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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2019-03-01 06:39:48

PureBasic is a very in-depth language which has a lot of features, GUI creation, Game creation, etc. It's got a nice learning curve, but it works.

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2019-03-01 21:02:36

I'm interested in this programming language too.
But I don't know if I will be limited.

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2019-03-02 00:51:23 (edited by nuno69 2019-03-02 00:51:42)

No problem @4, each language is good for spamming question about it, and even Hello World is not so hard to do.
print("Hello world!")

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2019-03-02 08:22:51

The bottom line is that I don’t know if to take developing games in PureBasic, why it’s good, and why it’s bad.

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2019-03-09 04:10:47

can someone please give me some books for that langwich?
I wanna learn it

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2019-03-09 17:19:51

There is only one book available, which is for Pure Basic 4.61. It's OK, but some things are changed, especially if it comes to the GUI.

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