2019-03-06 12:21:20

hello! so i've tried to get java access bridge working, got it to work once and ever since it hasn't worked. i've checked and replased the missing dlls.
i'm using the 32bit version of java on 64bit. Any advice to get this working?

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2019-03-06 12:59:04

It should appear in the Ease of Access Center on Windows 8 and later, or you can use this command when you change to the bin directory in your Java installation.
jabswitch.exe /enable

Philips SAA1099

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2019-03-06 15:28:05

This will not work for java versions later than Java SE8 / JDK 8, since NVDA does not have builds for 64-bit and so cannot communicate with the JAB after Java 8.

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2019-03-06 21:32:17

enabling it was the first thing i did. and jaws has the same problem as nvda when it comes to access bridge.. learning java at school so that's why i need this to work.

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