2019-03-04 11:32:48

Hi there,
I just was wondering if I could make a way that I could send a SSH command to a Linux server, for example I could run a file that tells it to run something in Wine, something like that. It may not be possible, but anyway yeah.

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2019-03-04 14:21:39

Short answer. no.

Long answer. BGT doesn't have the ability to Telnet or SSH. It's probably possible to get this functionality via an external DLL, but that is way more trouble than it's worth.

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2019-03-04 15:41:54

@2, agreed. SSH has various methods of authentication and other security mechanisms that prevent it from being viable in BGT without a DLL (and god, the pain of using it in a DLL...)

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2019-03-04 16:34:14

Well technically you might be able to use an external program to do whatever needs doing, like how crazy party uses upnp. This isn't really integrating though, and bgt isn't really  extendable. (dll support is limited).

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2019-03-05 01:53:02

If you want it to run something in wine you can probably use a batch file that interfaces with some ssh tool for windows, or write a tiny program with minimal python or some other such language that has an ssh library you can get for it. I know autoit has some UDFs for ssh.

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