2019-03-03 18:19:36

Hi all!
I'm gonna develop an audio game in CSharp as a bachelor project and I plan to simulate binaural audio to make the virtual space as realistic as possible. Can you give me few advices at the beginning? Which audio library should I use? How to transform game map to 3d sound with reverp and echo in general?
Thanks for your answers.

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2019-03-04 07:19:37

Is a very interesting question.
I program in c# to, and the libs that I know that supports 3d or HTRF are FMOD with a wrraperrrrrr for c#, slab3d, xenko a game engine supports directli htrf, openal with a wraper, and xaudio2  of microsoft.


I hope if someone know other that will be easier to implement smile

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2019-03-04 11:11:19

Hello. IRR Klang is a kind of advanced audio library. It does support 3D audio and effects like reverb, muffling, and some other stuff. Oh, and it's free for non-commercial use.
There's also Bass, which is more low-level. That makes it slightly faster, but slightly harder to implement.

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2019-03-05 17:43:56

Irr klan does not provide hrtf or binaural sound.

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