2019-03-02 14:11:22

Previously, on Github it was possible to find the RTR source code. This is now missing on Github.
Does anyone have this source code? Who can share?
Thanks in advance!

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2019-03-02 15:40:13

I do not know if this game is open source anymore or not.

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2019-03-02 16:27:21

aaron, Did you read what I wrote?
The previous version of RTR was on Github, however, next this game was removed from Github.

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2019-03-02 16:46:19

Oh yay. Give this guy the source code so we can have clone number420 billion.

Use the below link to get about 500 or so mb of extra dropbox space when you create an account.

2019-03-02 17:08:01

cmerry, Oh yay. Give this guy the source code so he could find out how the game was implemented.

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2019-03-02 17:26:11

@OP He may have chosen to take it down, which is his prerogative. The best thing to do is ask him directly. Apart from that, assume he no longer wishes it to be open source and respect his right to make that decision. I find nothing wrong with having or continuing to have, or distribute code that was open source at one time, but no longer is. I don't think that's stealing as you made the choice to put it out there. You can't exactly just go back on that choice with no repercussions.

@4 Ehh maybe, but he was at least asking for source code that presumably was available at one point. I say that because I never knew about it, so I can't confirm nor deny if it is true.

@all It's rather a sad state of affairs that people are openly skeptical of others who may wish to study code. There is nothing inherently wrong with studying code, as long as that is what you're doing, studying, and drawing parallels as to how you'd go about doing a similar thing in your project. If you've ever distributed leaked source code, were party or the party to leaking source code, or someone who has released a very close copy of one game using most of the original code and modifying it only very slightly, then shouldering this responsibility is on you. You all have done this, and the burden rests with you.

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2019-03-02 17:41:02

I believe that if the code was written, it was the work of one person or several people. This is a work that must be respected. And if you use this code in your project, you must ask for consent.
But this code was available earlier, at least the code of the previous version. For this reason, I still hope that someone will share this with me.

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2019-03-03 14:16:41

Please, who has, share
You can give link on skype volibor4444, or email [email protected]

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2019-03-03 18:07:11

OK, see, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but then you try to pull this crap. If someone has it, they'll give it if they want to, if not, they won't, end of story, quit nagging.

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2019-03-03 18:12:22

Unfortunately, I never knew he open-sourced it either. If he closed it back up, that's his choice. There is nothing we can do about it.
7: you do not necessarily must ask for consent for "all" code in your project that was not written by you. Open-source software? Go ahead and use code and algorithms from FOSS software in your code so long as you give credit and obey the license agreements.
Ironcross32 is right -- stop nagging about this. If he closed access to the source, he closed it. Your not getting it. And if he closed it there's a pretty low chance you'll get it by asking him either.

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2019-03-03 18:32:07

So I was made aware this was going on, here are my two cents.
Yes, RTR was open source at one point. I took it down for multiple reasons.
- RTR was written in PureBasic. This is a proprietary programming language which will set you back around $80. Most people will not have this.
- I could not get the version I had on GitHub to compile properly. Even while making RTR Ultimate I ran into way too many issues. This is also the reason it now does not work with SAPI anymore.
- The code is rather emberrassing. It's a mess. This is not something I'd give to someone if they wanted to learn how to program a first person shooter.
- People ask me for the source for the sole purpose to cheat and exploit bugs. I'm not sure why people are confused that I'll keep it in my private repositories when they tell me this.
- The fact that the ultrapower situation happened around the time I open sourced RTR didn't help either. Granted this is less of my concern honestly, I just really wanted to be done with the project and focus my time on something bigger and better.
I'm no opponent of open source, but keep in mind this was my very first FPS, as well as my first multiplayer game. Naturally it ended a mess, as this was 2012, and I was not the most experienced programmer at that time. tongue
I did hand out the source to a developer, he can mess with it now. If he wants to be known he can speak up here and talk about his plans with the thing. I guess I wouldn't be too opposed to sharing the source, I just don't want it on my GitHub where it's public and screams I AM A NOOB at everyone looking.
I'll just leave this here by saying reading the code of RTR will likely confuse you more than it will clear things up. You have to be a masochist to want to actually do anything with it.

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2019-03-03 18:40:48

TalonTheDragon, I'd just be interested to know how the menu, sounds and network were implemented in RTR. Perhaps there are flaws, but I could understand the general algorithms with this example.
Just before, I had this code. But I deleted it because I didn't know PureBasic. When I needed it again, I was upset not having found it on Github.

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2019-03-03 20:11:27

well idk about coding and stuff  because im not a dev but  rtr is the best online audiogame i know and i still play it with a few guys

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-03 21:45:51

Agreed, if he made a game now like that, it would be epic. HE busy AF though I think so low chance of it, still, one can dream.

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