2019-03-02 00:14:58

hi. So today, I finally decided to release ultimate destruction second version. I have not uploaded the first version to dropbox yet, but that is what I am going to do today. I will upload both of them today.  so when I upload them, enjoy. They will be in a package which you can just extract the 7Z file, and the two versions will be in there.

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2019-03-02 01:37:20

When you post about the game, it would be a good idea to drop the link in that post instead of telling us about posting it in your first post. ...  try saying that three times fast.

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2019-03-02 02:38:06

So what is this about?

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2019-03-02 02:43:34

@3 yeah i was about to ask that very question.

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2019-03-02 03:19:52

The best game ever! I nominate it for the top game of 2019 right away. I'm enjoying the game of reading the post.

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2019-03-02 04:05:43

https://uc19fd3ba1801552ce0f2b20c084.dl … /file?dl=1
Also, this game is about killing enimies, and surviving as long as posible

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2019-03-02 04:10:54

isn't their more to this game then killing? this game isn't gonna be as fun if its just killing.

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2019-03-02 04:13:22

Also, please check the change log of ultimate destruction 2, because you'll find something important you need to know. I will also post it heer. So when you click exit, it doesn't exit. So, you must press escape.

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2019-03-02 04:26:29

what's the difference between the two versions?

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2019-03-02 04:48:31

dude, no offense but if you are going to post a game and want users to play it, you have to engage your audience through captivating descriptions of fanciful landscapes, combat and dragons.
No, just kidding about that, but put some sort of hook to get people interested. If you just post,
"O I have game" people aren't going to want to go through the trouble of going and getting it just to see what it is. Actually tell us a small description, and if you know  there is a huge bug like that, why release it?

Hi, and thanks for reading my post. If you liked what I had to say, which I find unlikely, please leave me a thumbs up!
Have a grate day!

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2019-03-02 04:55:32

what the heck is this.
where is the download link for your game?
and where is the description? lol

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2019-03-02 04:57:43

why should we play it? what makes yours different from every other game out their.

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2019-03-02 06:14:54

Hi there, i checked out the game and nothing seems working for example, in the ultmet distruction2 the sounds don't really work. In the other version i think it was 1.2 it gives out a run time erer when you press "play." To the develeper   of this game test it out before releasing it. Oh, also forgot to mention that it is a chlone of scroling battles the one with the imvirment and stough they just  sorry to say this (mest it up ferther) with all thees erers that need fixing before actually a person can play the game.


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2019-03-02 07:47:04

can you call it a mod, not a game? since ultimate destruction, I've seen it on the anyaudio network and its just a mod of sb 2.8 or something

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2019-03-02 07:54:01

it's also good to give info about your game.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-03-02 08:39:08

Survive as long as posible

2019-03-02 12:06:34

Yeah ! I've always dreamt of a game where you could ... well... kill ennemies. Even this morning when I woke up, I was just wondering : what if someone realised a game, an audiogame of course, without any storyline, and with only one goal, killing ennemies and surviving . Wait wait wait, that makes two objectives! You made my day.
Afterall, all those videogames with scenarios, complex gameplay and such, all this is so common. But you tried to take a step further, you're the one incarnating the revolution.
Which makes me think. What if, during all this time that I've spent grunding about audiogames that didn't exist, what if many such games were actually released ? Let me have a look : what? Scrolling battle, ultra power, battle zone, battle constant, the killer, the blood rain ? But... but.. It will become impossible for me to socialize and play all this at a time? You know what? Screw society, I'm gona play them all. <How could I have been so distracted, missing evolution itself as it was spreading all around me!

Enough of this. You have of course the right to bash me if you feel like I'm exagerating a little, let's say a lot. But I'm trying to handle this growing feeling since I've seen the first closed topic about one of those games, was it the kiler? I know we have no mney. I know we, players, have no right to complain since we"re not even able to develope one single time waister game. But look at this example situation just once, and tell me what to do with it :
let's consider that you want to show audiogames to one or more sighted people, to make them aware of that possibility, spreading the news around the world, and all those beautiful ideas we al had atleast once in our lifes. You need to find a game that implies no screen reader (since it's particularly not comfortable for sighted people to have even no tekst on screen). The game must be easy to handle. The player can loose of course, especially if he's not used to audiogames, but he needs to understand why he's loosing, as he would in a videogame. But the game need to be hard and complex enough to make sure your guy understands that he's actually playing a game, not pretending to do so, follow my gase. My question is.... which game are you going to choose?
Trust me or not, you have many choices. Afterall, who says that there were not so many audiogames? You have atleast five good space invaders, and an infinity of side scrollers where the objective is to ... hey hey, you're right guys, killing ennemies, and surviving as long as possible. The two first criteria are definitly satisfied... and what about the third one? Do you feel like you're actualy playing a game? For the few of you that have allready passed cognitive tests for experimental reasons, do these games ring a bell for you? don't you fell like you're getting through a go / no go ?

Again, if some of you think that I'm a fool, that my English is far to bad for me to start writing such a long post (sory about that by the way), feel free to throw whatever you have around you at me. I'd understand, I just have no patience left. But, on the contrary, if some others think that I'm atleast partially right, or if my post just made you smile a little in staid of cry about the crumbling of the audiogames' world, feel free to say it too! You're not alone!

Best regard,

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2019-03-02 15:44:54

Also, what does Mason think of this?

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2019-03-02 16:30:44

The other day I played Scott pilgrim vs the world, and I had to kill zombies and survive as long as possible. But that was just a minigame, something I got for playing through an actual campaign, with an entire map full of enemies, obstacles and bosses to overcome. And along the way, I got to go shopping, level up and learn new moves, so the survival mode was a nice bonus where I could test my metal after all that hard work, and it wasn't even the only minigame either. It's like ordering a big fat juicy burger and eating it to discover that everything about it tastes wonderful, from the buns to the patties to everything in between. However, when I see an audiogame like this one it's like ordering a big fat juicy burger and just getting half a stale bun.

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2019-03-02 16:35:48

Precisely. But I'm so desperate about audiogames this last few months that I think I would be satisfied with even that kind of game, if only the storyline behind it was worth killing the same four or five ennemies again and again in the same map. But maybe I'm talking to soon before having tried these games before, maybe there are three different maps, which makes the game far more interesting doesn't it?

Best regard,

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2019-03-02 16:55:54

I think I'll pass. Announcing a game without a link or telling what it's about. I'm not motivated to check this out.

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2019-03-02 18:29:15

@17: yor post (specifically) is the one which really made my day. Fully agree with you, thumbs up.

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2019-03-02 20:19:45

How appropriate. I clicked on the link and got a 403 error with the message. "It seems you don't belong here."

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2019-03-02 21:43:29

It seems this whole game does not belong here, no offense smile

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2019-03-02 22:12:01

OK, for those saying the game doesn't belong here: have you got proof that this is a clone? Because that's the thing, we can't just close topics just because a game has killing enemies in a side scrolling environment as an objective. Is it using the exact same sounds and assets as scrolling battles?

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