2019-02-24 11:52:07

HI All,

I am starting to develop an mmo rpg audio game...  I wanted to know where are some great places to get great sound effects? free or commercial?

Have you guys heard of www.soundsnap.com?


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2019-02-24 12:41:22

hi, try boom lib

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2019-02-24 13:36:13 (edited by omer 2019-02-24 13:38:41)

for comertial part, sound ideas offers some expensive but great libraries also sounddogs.com works too
there are many great resources out there if you know where to look

you can try freesound.org for free sounds all though most of the sounds, you need to give credit.
bye the way i'm designing sounds for games at my freetime
if you rintrested you can mail me at [email protected]

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2019-02-24 18:06:58

defender compiled a colection of 7 gigs of freesounds, but they all need creddit. For almost every sound, individually, because they're collected from freesound.org.
omer made a collection of 8 gigs of ambiences.
The boom library is a huge collection of guns, medeval,destruction, creatures, ambiences, and cars, and some scifi.
I can suggest others, what kinds of sounds do you want?

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2019-02-24 18:53:15 (edited by omer 2019-02-24 18:53:45)

bye the way something needs to be clerified
the one that created the ambiences is, omar alvarado, sorry for if i spelled your name rong, i'M omer he is with a and me with e, er, blame screen readers though

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2019-02-26 14:49:09

well, i  advice you to use sound ideas/ hollywood edge if you want  the power of guns, and also a lot of  other stuff 2, sound dogs can get you what you need, they all start from  200 dollers going up
blastwave does have a  collection of nice hits, wooshes and impacts, and explosions
Bluezone Corporation  are  designers for robot sounds if you want, their libraryes are not much hie   price
if you want freesound, sound bible  or freesound can get you what you need, i'm using all of these libraryes/websites i tolde you about,  and i can tell you wich one that  Contains something from what do you want, like combo's, boom libraryes does have the kind of stuff, i c'n help you  for sound design if you want, i injoy doing that, so much  in my free time

2019-03-03 22:14:02

Yep, Boom Library's sounds are very professional-quality. And I should probably check out that sound-ideas thing if it has gun sound effects, I'm really into those.

Best regards

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2019-03-05 05:41:06

Ultra sound colection by NS studioes has standard everyday sounds but also has some unusual ones.