2019-02-11 22:19:49

Well, working on one doesn’t  preclude my checking out the other. There is a generous refund policy :-)

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2019-02-12 00:49:20

hi zac.

could you write a script to display the contents of the cargo bay of said ship? or of whatever ship of yours yu are trying to remotely control? i ask because certainly when it comes to the ships cargo bay that i'm currently flying i'm having varying degrees of success with the OCR. sometimes good other times not so good at all. so am wondering if you can do something about this? actually thinking about it would you be able to do a script that can handle with a hotkey any of the game screens? can something like that be done? whether it be a trade screen or some such other screen?

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2019-02-12 05:16:19 (edited by zkline 2019-02-12 06:16:24)

Okay, first of all,

I tried X4 today, and my computer isn't able to run it. Therefore, I probably can't do anything with it until I get a new machine, which is probably not going to be any time soon.

Daren, no, I cannot write a script to do something with hotkeys on any game screen. Script hotkeys are limited to when your ship is in space, and don't work in menus or other contexts.

I just started a new job this week, but I can write a cargo log easily enough. Until then, I recommend hitting ENter/I on the freight menu to find out what each item is.

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2019-02-12 13:37:12

oh i see. so is that why you can't get the trade system extention working properly? is there any way at all that trading system extentions can be made to work?

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2019-02-13 21:48:25

ok so now i finally got back to the place i was at last time in tc. i now have a murcury that is fully upgraded in terms of speed, rudder and cargo bay extension. so now i'm thinking of aiming at either a super dolfin or a factory of some kind. it's good to be back at this point because it opens up for me at least more flexibility because before i do stuff i like to have a fully extended cargo bay. it allows you eventually to control the local economy. to gain control of the local economy paves the way for you to place a factory where you create the demand.

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2019-02-14 02:25:16

zac i think i've noticed a bug in the trade script. i'm in herons nebula. i'm at the trading station there. it's not listing everything there that is for sale. are you getting this?

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2019-02-14 02:57:32


The script bug you refer to is probably because some stations and equipment docks will buy items from your ship even if they aren't formally listed in the goods they will sell. I can probably get them to be listed separately but for the moment am very busy with my new job.

I will try to address X stuff on the weekend but can't promise anything else at the moment.

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2019-02-17 14:47:09

so is anybody still playing? i got my first factory am having slight issues setting it up but i'm slowly getting there.

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2019-02-20 16:21:44

and here's factory number 2. lets see how well this one does. it should do pretty well. weet farm in ringo moon. yes it should do quite well indeed. get the basics down then of course start trade loops.

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2019-02-23 02:06:01

so anybody bought a new ship yet? right now i'm flying a boron dolphin. they are slower for sure than the argon murcury, but they hold much more cargo. once fully expanded they can fill most s and m class factories. not really the l class though some of the res holds for them are quite large. but there is a big advantage to buying a big amount of resource it works really well.

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2019-02-23 12:27:17

Hi, this is something that I'd really like to play, but I'd only want to do so if the extra hoops to jump through aren't too disruptive to the actual gameplay experience.

What is the current status, in terms of how much of the game can be played? It would be great if the first post could be updated with with the latest findings, since this thread is now over 300 posts long.

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2019-02-23 12:34:34

well i'm doing pretty well with it so far. i have 2 factories that are making profit or will be. i'm trying to get a steady income flowing first before i try doing anything else.
i wouldn't say the hoops that we're jumping through are that disruptive. there are some things that are annoying sometimes but they are stuff that you can cope with easily enough.

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2019-03-05 23:27:34

I am trying to play this game but I have a problem with plugin manager.
The problem is that this program wont start.
After running plugin manager lite as an admin nothink happens. It looks like that this program runs and crashes.
I have installed a required vc redist, but it doesnt works.
I can only runs script creator, but plugin manager for some reasons wont works, so I can not use your scripts

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2019-03-06 17:39:34

am not really sure how to answer this. am hoping zac comes back to answer this as am not too sure. i take it, that the plugin manager is the only thing that crashes on your system? you got no nasties on there? malware viruses etc? are you using windows 10? you might want to ask on the egosoft forums about this as in why the plugin manager won't run because you might get a quicker response.

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2019-03-06 17:53:50

Yes I am using windows 10 and my antivirus isnt blocking this program

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2019-03-06 19:35:13

I dont understand one think, when I am running tcconverter from tools it works, but why plugin manager wont runs.
I want to see any error or log but it wont runs, I am flustrated, because this game can be funny but I can not use scripts

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2019-03-06 23:29:39

Hi All,

I feel like I owe everybody an explanation for where I've been lately and why I've gone silent. It's a combination of factors.

I do have a new job, or at least freelance work, which was consuming a lot of my time, but I was also running into burnout with X3 and some of its issues. The scripting language is very nice up to a point, but there are some problems that are quite difficult to solve, no matter how simple they might appear on paper.

I was also a little overwhelmed with the enthusiasm shown by the community for the game. In retrospect, I feel as though I should have waited to make an announcement until things were in a slightly less larval form, that is, until I was sure I could play the game reliably and not have to release updates every so often.

The combination of the new work, scripting frustrations, and burnout after having done very little except stare at X3 for a solid month lead to my withdrawal.

So where do things stand now? I haven't touched X3 for a while, though will probably return to it at some point in the future. I can't promise success, because scripting is still problematic. I have become interested in other gaming related projects, but don't feel comfortable talking too much about them here because I don't want this cycle to repeat itself.

Mojsier, I never had any problems getting Plugin Manager to work. I wonder, are you perhaps running a non-English version of WIndows? I don't know if that might cause some of the strange symptoms you're seeing.

I don't know what you're talking about with a converter, unfortunately.

I'll monitor this thread for further questions, and keep everyone posted on what happens on my end.

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2019-03-07 08:44:31

@zkline: Sorry for being curious. Of which gaming related projects are you thinking at the moment?
Just curious about the games.

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2019-03-07 16:07:37

ok so for those of you that are still playing:
still got 3 factories, going to get my fourth soon. i'm wanting to make as much of my own resources as i can before i start on anything else.
2. after i bought my super fraiter my boron one, i encountered a problem. the problem was that as soon as i tried to undock with certain factories notably the low yield shield fabs, it would crash. as soon as i undocked my ship would explode. luckily i've been talking to a very helpful member of the egosoft forums. it's a bug. because of the sheer size of the vessel it doesn't always let you                                                                                                            manoeuvre. so here is what you do. if you encounter this and you need to undock but can't the sollution is the following, follow the below instructions exactly and you'll be flying again as soon as possible: note, the below instructions apply only when docked and are in the main menu. by that the standard menu you get once you have docked and done nothing else. so if you have made your trade for example press escape and you'll be in the main menu.
1. go to landed ships. shortcut key is l.
2. arrow to your vessel. this is the top ship.
3. press c for communication/command console.
4. go to navigation. this is the first menu you don't need to move your cursers.
5. arrow to dock at... this is where you tell the ship where you wish it to go.
6. you will first be presented with the universe map. if you wish to stay in the same sector just press enter as soon as this comes up. it highlights the sector you are already in.
7. arrow to the instalation you wish to fly too and press enter.
you should be done then. the ships computer should then say "docking granted autopilot activated." something like that anyway.
what actually happens is that temporarily the ability to crash is disabled until you get passed the station. then it reverts. you should now be flying.

yes this frustrated me for quite a while. at first i thought there was something in front of the factory. but there wasn't. i sent my save to this person that has really been helping me also with menu descriptions as well and they told me about this bug. because there was nothing blocking my way at the factory.
anyway hope that helps some of you.

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2019-03-07 18:44:23

Hi I have resolved a problem with x3 plugin manager by reinstalling windows so for now it works great

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2019-03-07 19:42:53

you had to do a complete reinstall? wow

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2019-03-07 21:05:47

I didnt find another solution, in previous installation I have all libraries installed so i don know what was wrong

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2019-03-08 12:22:30

well at least it works now that's the main thing.

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2019-03-10 20:46:32

ok so i just bought an argon eclipeclipse. that's a heavy m3 fighter. i've managed to fully arm it including turrets. i've also managed to give the turrets commands to protect the ship. i also have a transporter device in both my ships. it's dead easy to transport yourself between ships. just press i once the ship has been targeted to bring up it's menu then press x and woosh you're in.

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2019-03-11 14:00:12

just so you know, i've managed with zacs permission to give the scripts as they stand now to the egosoft forums and they have improved upon it. the trading script works better now. it lists the produts in order as they would be shown on the screen. it also lists the prices correctly including the average price, volume and container size.
the map script now lists ships first then stations but relative to your ships location and the ships relation to you. whether it be neutral enemy or what.
i'm hoping that we can get some further additions to these.
the new scripts are in the db folder that has already been shaired on here.
thanks to zac for laying the foundations and making it possible for others to continue on. you've started something truly brilliant and it also helps to raise awareness of accessibility for future games in a more public domain.

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