2018-12-08 00:19:20

Version 2.24, released on 12/07/2018
• NuGet packages for SharpDX now use the latest stable version, since the XAudio2 bug introduced in SharpDX 4.1.0 that would prevent XAudio2 from initializing was fixed. Also, TDV now points to BPCSharedComponent.Input for the DXInput class instead of a stand-alone class. The class inside TDV has been moved to BPCSharedComponent.Input.DXInput (#70)
• TDV no longer uses XAudio2 for music playback and is instead using DirectSound. This means that the game no longer relies on the XNA framework which has been deprecated by Microsoft for some time. The SharpDX.XAudio2 NuGet package has been removed. Please note that since DirectSound buffers use integers for volume control instead of floating-point numbers, it is recommended for everyone upgrading to this version to delete their data/settings.tdv file or the menu music might be silenced (#57)
• A new option has been added to the in-game options menu to turn off RIO messages. These messages are on by default (#62)
• TDV now uses left and right CTRL to grab an opponent during CQC instead of using the ALT key. This key configuration is compatible across a wider range of keyboard configurations compared to relying on the ALT key (#59)
• Background music is properly faded in when the game window regains focus (#67)
• A potential race condition that would prevent the game from moving past the chopper fight in the mission has been corrected (#65)
• Sometimes, when adding objects to the object table, object IDs would be recycled. This would cause problems such as newly spawned fighters in Training Mode to not appear on the radar because they were already tracked. This was due to the new object's ID being the same as the previously destroyed object's ID. Object IDs are longer than they were which will prevent this issue. Previously, an object's ID could range from one to nine characters. The minimum length of an ID is now ten characters (#74)
• In older key-handling code, TDV would sometimes read keyboard input outside of the game environment (#72)

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2018-12-08 09:17:17

Thanks for the update. But a suggestion, you can rename the old TDV topic and post the update there so that the people who are subscribed to that topic can know about the update as soon as you post them.

Best regards
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2018-12-08 14:49:09

Hello muna!
Thanks for the new updates!

So, is truly that the XNA framework is deprecated, but monogame is the current susesor, using the same interfaces and applying new updates frequently smile

You can think if is a good idea move the XNA dependencies to monogame dependencies smile

But, all the other things are really awesome.

¡thanks for the update!

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2018-12-08 14:59:52

Very cool that this game is getting updates.
Is there a way to create a team deathmatch mode with the AI? so one one team it could be players on the other team the AI? it would be cool to play co op against AI players with friends.

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2018-12-08 15:06:26

Hi @sanslash332,
I looked into this further yesterday and it seems like while XNA is deprecated, XAudio2 and XInput are not. In fact, Microsoft is encouraging people to move away from DirectSound in favor of XAudio2 and XInput.

This reminded me of why I chose not to ultimately implement XInput when I looked at it years ago: it didn't have the flexibility and power that DirectInput offers, because it's meant to be run on all Microsoft-supported platforms including XBox. So XBox served as the limiting agent for the framework.

I don't know if that's changed since I looked at it so many years ago.

As far as XAudio2, as far as I can tell it's very much under development and researching it has ended with me being confused as to what Microsoft is dropping support for and what they're actively working on. LOL.

I do try to keep TDV's technology current but man, I'm not sure I'm ready to overhaul DirectSound to XAudio2. It looks like they're drastically different from one another. Do you have any pointers on this? I'd hate to rewrite TDV to use XAudio2 only to find out Microsoft is reverting to DirectSound.

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2018-12-14 05:27:39

Hello muna!

thanks for your answer!

Well about dinput and xinput, youre correct. The idea behind xinput is turn the controllers in a standard between windows and xbox; for that xinput isnt fleccible on number of buttons, axis, sensors and others... The advantages is that you don't have to fight with drivers, compatibility with certain hardware, or similar. A xinput controller is a simply xinput controller and in the major cases (not every, that is utopic) you can handle rumble, smooth sensors and other things.
but custom controllers, more buttons and similar, is the point for dinput. I think that on the future both mmust have to coexist. MS only wants xinput, but... well.

So, respecting directsound and xaudio, the only that i know, is xaudio is the most newer implementation that ms have currently, adding new things for vr, 3d environments and other awesome things, and direct sound isn't updating with these new tools.

Migrate tdv to xaudio? you've to check if is a advantaje to the game. Hrtf is hte most interesting update that the game can have, but... the implementation of xaudio is a work in progress if i'm not wrong.

For these things really i'm trying to tarjeting to other external libs, like steam audio or oculus spatial sound for fmod, but is goin out of ms standard stack so I think that you don't want this.

is necesary really check the advantages of one over other.

xAudio is newer? yes. Is in current developing? yes.
directSound is deprecated? I can't confirm that.

And if you want a susesor of XNA, check monogame. is in development, and ms support them throug xamarin... that ms own it, too xd.
Implements the same interface.

So! ¡that is all!
and thanks again for the updates!

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2018-12-17 21:11:37

The game does not work verry well for me. It seams, that some Controls do not work properly and the game Crashes every time, if I finish a Simulation and want to start an other. That means, I finished a Race in Mission mode, want to start the next, the game Closes. And sometimes The game Drops Errors and crashes while in Combat.

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2019-02-07 13:18:31

its grate game, I love it! but when i'm trying to open it, it says error! I dont no what error is that, but it says this program cant open

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2019-02-08 10:48:49

I have wested a lot of time to understand how land works, but unfortunately I could not.
here is my save file, please land me.
I have cleare the airbase at l21, also I have fighted with that bostered.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1t7xgcb2fb4ji … 2.tdv?dl=1

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2019-02-08 10:59:25

You have to decease to about 376 KPH and then land to the according procedures.

Raduvay se, raduvay
Raduvay se domaki ne
Kolko liste po gorach
Tolko zdrave na taz kyshcha

2019-02-08 13:14:33

very very thank you!
finally I understand the landing procedure!
whao whao whao!

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2019-02-08 18:46:49

please give me 32 bit of tdv

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2019-02-10 14:50:23

I am stucked at fight 3 with juliat.
any tips?

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2019-02-11 00:59:09

The executable is already compiled for 32-bit Windows, as mentioned here:

TDV Github wrote:

While the commercial version offered a 64-bit version of the game, I've removed it from this source to make building easier. TDV will run fine on 64-bit systems under WoW-64 mode.

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2019-02-11 06:51:35

well, i'll download and try it again and send the error

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2019-02-11 06:54:56

i'm sorry for dobble posting but how I can download evrything with zip link?

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2019-02-11 11:00:51

mahdi-abedi wrote:

i'm sorry for dobble posting but how I can download evrything with zip link?

go through heading by heading pressing h.
find the heading I just play it.
press down errow till find download the latest version here.
click enter on it, hopefully the download starts.

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