2019-02-10 21:34:32

Ok, I assume I need to know lua to write mushclient scripts. However, there is no lua for dummies. How can I learn lua with no knowledge of programing, what so ever?

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2019-02-13 12:20:28


I remembered this some minutes ago, hope this helps.

Learn LUA in 15 minutes

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I found that just by typing "lua tutorial" in a search bar.

Your biggest help will come from being able to make your web searches concise and straight to the point.

Like if I wanted to know how to work with a string variable in Lua, I'd put something like "Lua string manipulation" in the search field. It's best if you know exactly what you want to accomplish and put that in as few words as possible.

You also might want to look at other programming tutorials to learn general concepts. Just pick a popular language like C or Python and get a beginner's book on the subject. There are plenty of ebooks out there. I know you just want to know Lua for Mush scripting, but there are general programming concepts that are present in all languages (albeit with varying syntax) that will help you understand what you're doing and help you better form a plan on how to go about accomplishing a task.

Also, before you do anything, look to see if someone has already done it for you. If all you care about is the end goal and don't necessarily care about doing it yourself, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel--so to speak.

One more thing with Mush and MUDs in general. For technical reasons that aren't that important, triggers won't trigger on the last line sent from the MUD. That gave me fits for a long time trying to find out why. Just know that it's a known issue and you'll just have to program around it. I haven't yet found a true fix. I tried scripts that were supposed to force a line break, but it didn't help.

You're going to run into that issue at some point.

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