2019-02-10 01:33:24 (edited by ryok 2019-02-10 01:34:51)

Hi all.
A while ago, I bought the second gen google Chromecast.

So far, I'm using the Chromecast daily and I'm enjoying it.

When it comes to streaming, mostly I'm streaming things with my google home.

One issue I found though is that When you stream a show from Netflix, it streams without Audio description.

One way to get around this is you either stream from your laptop or Phone.

Moreover, I found out that you can stream audio tracks to it using Vlc. However,that doesn't always work. I tried to find out a different method with foobar but so far no luck.
One more thing, You can actually stream your whole desktop to your TV with chrome. However, its a bit laggy.

Sorry for the long post guys.
One last thing: wink
do you have a Chromecast or any similar device? why did you choose it over the others and what do you use it for?
Best regards.

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