2019-02-07 13:29:14

eg today morning, I red all of new topic by the new link which is put on main navigation: then now, I came, saw that all of new topics are, +the topics which that I red morning
I hope I explaned understandable
if I dont press enter on mark all posts as read, it dont mark itself
forum changed? or something have problem?

2019-02-07 16:16:51

Hi mahdi
I think the forum seems to use a last visited approach, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. There's times when I refresh the new topics page and get 30 topics, and then later on in the day I get 10, so nowadays I just keep the tab open if there's anything I've missed and might want to go back to.

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2019-02-07 17:31:03

thanks for help and suggestion