2019-01-29 11:23:18

so as I move away from BGT, I decided I would release my online scoreboard I wrote back about a month ago. There might be bugs, it wasn't really tested, and...yeah. There are a few known bugs, like multiple people ending up in the same position if they got the same score. If you guys find it useful, let me know.


2019-01-29 20:45:26

Thinking I might rewrite this in Python.

O, they ruled the solar system near ten thousand years before, in their single starcrossed scout ships, mining asteroids, spinning lore.
Then one true courageous miner spied a spaceship from the stars. Boarded he that alien liner out beyond the orb of Mars.

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2019-01-29 21:20:58

If you do, let me know.


2019-01-31 15:04:39

i just tried to work with it, but i don't see how i should make the thing do special things, because there is the sbloop but it has no arguments that tells him what it should do, adleast not for posting.

Hi, I am simter, 14 years old, from germany. If you want to conntact me, my email is [email protected] and my skype karmienmedias.
Hay. Ich bin simter, 14 jahre alt, aus deutschland. Wenn du mit mir in kontakt treten möchtest, meine email ist [email protected] und mein skype ist karmienmedias.

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2019-02-05 13:58:39

thanks a lot: thats grate!

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2019-02-05 13:59:32

sorry, I forgot to ask this
how it works with coad? what to type in coad for this scorebord?

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