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Hello, everyone!
And again i have decided to write an article. I don't know, how big it will be, but it should be pritty big in the end.
I will describe all classes in the game, there pros and cons, there skills, well everything i know will be dumped in here.
This article sure would be updated as the time goes until i finish this guide completely.

Why am i doing this?

Well, first of all, i want to expand rotk's community with more english players, and practice with my english skills overall. Rotk is a good game, but it sure has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

A total review of the game

Return of the king, is a good game over all. The only thing that makes it boring to play is too much of a grinding. Also, the sound design in the old world makes it eeven more boring cause you don't have different sounds for different weapons. Well you have, but there's like 2 exclusive sounds, not more.
Note: what is a new world, you will find in the heading named: Old world and new world differences.
The new world as it is seems very interesting, i didn't play in the new world enough to say something i'm sure about.
I'd give a game, at it's current, a solid 6.5 out of 10.

Where to ask questions if i still didn't learn enough from that guide?

There is a return of the king skype group, wich i am in, and i'm always up to answer your question. There's also other players, from the old, and new world ready to help you. The link to join is,

Downloading the game and the english translation for it

This section is incomplete yet. Expect it to be complete within the next update of the guide.

Registering and launching the game

To launch the game, use return of the king.bat, not return of the king.exe. This is needed because the dev disallowed connecting none chinese players the normal way, and cause of it you can use only this file to connect.
When you've launched the game, you can first go to the options and configure it as you like.
When you've made everything you need, press a sign up option. A page will be opened in your default browser.
Here's how to register: When the page opens, type your e-mail in to the e-mail edit, and press the send button. Now wait for the letter to come in your mailbox and copy the numbers that are in this letter, i don't remember where, in the title or in the body. Once you've done this, put your e-mail in to that e-mail edit out there, and put that numbers that you copied in to the verification code field.
Once you've done this, press the register button. If the code and e-mail is right written, you will get another page with fields new password and repeat password, i think you know what you need to do there. After you've done all this, press the submit button.
Congratulations! you are now registered. Now, you need to create a character in the game it self.
In the game window, go to the role management, select create new role.
There will be several fields like e-mail, password and repeat this and this.
After you've typed your e-mail and password, you have a screen name field. This is your nickname, how you will be seen by the other players in the game, like borba or something. Ug, you know what the nickname is, right?
The next combo box is role type. You have warrior male and female, same goes with mage, hunter, and summoner.

What class i have to choose?

There could be several questions for you as well: What would you like to do? do you prefere close combat over ranged? are you playing for the first time?
Let's go, the thing i think you all have waited for, classes pros and cons!


The warrior is a solid war machine. At level 7, he gets his first skill wich highers his accuracy. At level 15 you would get a skill with wich you can perform critical strikes. The warrior gets his full power at level 24. What i mean by full power is, you can go around in much places, fight a lot of monsters at the same time, stuff like that. Level 24 is a way to go, but you can still get there.
Pros: a lot of health points, good damage at full power and with good equipment, can combine skills to make some form of combo.
Cons: has not much magic points what is very noticeable at high levels, has a little low magic defense.


Mage is a very strong class to play, but it is not suitable for newbies as a warrior is. Get's his full power at level 24 when he learns a firewall of hell skill.
Pros: has a very high magic attack, inflicts a lot of damage from a long distance. Has an absolute defense skill wich is very helpful sometimes. Has a lot of mana.
Cons: the hp of this class is so low, that you can be killed very easy eeven at the high levels. The physical defense is absolutely crap. Has to drink much mana potions at the higher levels to restore mana, as it starts to burn like paper. His spells are powerful but slow.


The summoner is a class for people who likes pets or minions. The summoner can summon various creatures to help you in battle. Can heal players and pets with powerful healing spells. Well, the summoner is like a cleric. He gets his full power, at level, 35! fucking level 35, yes. You've hered it right. The summoner is a class suitable for newbies, in my opinion.
Pros: Is very suitable for grinding gold. Has strong creatures at high levels. Can heal. Has some buffs. Very ballanced at hp, mana and defenses.
Cons: well, it has no cons except grinding to level 35 is very, very very long.


Hunter is a class wich requires a lot of gold to buy ammo, and i think that it is an aweful class after all. It can be reborn in to assasin wich is very, very powerful. This class is not very suitable for newbies.
Pros: i believe he has no. Seriously.
Cons: low health, has to spend much gold on ammo, and the most stupid, in the medieval game, this class has some pistols and machineguns. Take it if you want to get a good result after a long torment.
Note: what's reborn, or referenced as reincarnation, you will find in the section old world and new world differences.

The final thoughts

If you want to have a lot of gold and practicly don't do anything, take a summoner. If you want to have a lot of gold and be the king of the battlefield, take a warrior. Trust me, it's a purfect class. Hunter is if you want to feel your self as an archer, spend a lot of gold on ammo, well if you want to be a cool high tech guy take a hunter, but trust me. He's not worth the effert you put in to him at the old world, only when he reincarnates in to assasin you can feel the real power.
Well, i think that's enough for an update, i think i made long enough for this one. I'm sorry for the delays with game download thing, but i have some problems with this one. Thanks for reading, click on thumbs up if you like what i'm doing, you can send your feedback about this via the forum e-mail, don't send a pm cause i still won't see it, i check them very rare. Have a good day!

flawless victory!