2019-01-19 23:55:03

It turns out that back when the forum lost a few weeks worth of posts, the Fridge topic was deleted.  I seem to remember it having a fairly long intro post, but since that's long gone I'm just pasting in the description from my website.  Hopefully people will come back here to post the various sounds they'd made for games.

I sometimes find myself standing at my refrigerator, holding the door open and staring inside browsing to see what I might want to eat. I know I'm hungry, but I don't really know what I feel like eating. Often times we don't know exactly what we want, so it helps to lay out your options.  The goal for the Fridge is to lay out all of your audio games (and other applications if you wish) in a single location, while also decorating them with sounds that will remind your brain of what it Feels like to play that particular game.  To get people started, The Fridge comes pre-packaged with many of my smallest games.

Download link (146MB):

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2019-01-21 00:48:39

I agree with Aprone here, and I'd like to add that I was absolutely gutted when this topic got lost, with, seemingly, no way to recover the contributions. I hope people can bring them back. I'm very glad that The Fridge has returned!

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2019-01-21 10:52:59

this made me remember your mod days aprone  lol
anyway heres my rtr pack
and i have a crazy party mod that someone has posted whyle ago and sadly i forgot their names
there for not abel to give credit
if you return with the mod, i'Ll delete this link
anyway heres also the cp mod
https://www.dropbox.com/s/c71g3u3bt4cvb … y.zip?dl=0

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2019-01-23 23:24:20

how can you mod crazy party? I tried replacing the sounds and using pack creator to package them up again, but it didn't work. Anyone know how to make a mod of it?

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