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welcome to the Xbox guide for blind and visual impaired people. This guide is made for blind and visual impaired gamers, by blind and visual impaired gamers themself. This guide is generally made for all people, sight or no sight, who for whatever reason might have any interest in reading about how blind gamers are able to use the Xbox console. Therefore, this guide is also for you, if you are a game developer, work with accessibility in any ways, know someone who need any of the visually accessible features on the console or if you just generally are interested in reading about the accessibility which Microsoft have put in for blind and visually impaired people on the console.
So, a huge welcome to this guide, and thanks for reading…

Link to the full article:

https://coolfortheblind.dk/blog/gaming/ … ed-people/

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* Made some correction in the controllers section, where I accidentally swapped two buttons.
* Wrote the buttons from the Playstation controllers point of view.
* Added a description of the Xbox One S console.
* Added the Narrator Controller commands.
* Added a section explaining the Xbox interfase.
* Added a section under the controller section describing how to insert the batteries, how to charge and how to check the battery level on the controller.
* Added a section for none gaming stuff.
* Added a section for the dvd and blueray player.
* Added a section about the Movie and tv app.
* Added a section about watching live tv with Narrator.
* Added some more content to the playable games section.


Added Wulverblade to the playable games section.
Wrote the basics of the guide, adding lots of content and published the guide to the world.

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