2019-01-12 08:29:58

so,after the toplic of dreamland, return of the king, and other online RPGs, including mud or moo are only a few, cause the audio gamers only have few choose.
but, did you notice that many games, expecially audio RPGs  , have unbalance problem?
i don't want to start an argue about that, just list below
what is are fine for me
you paied, so you get extra locker space to store  items, you got the item have colourful eggs,easyer to access repair, map, or in some games, teleports are fine.
what are not good and cause unfair and unbalance.
if the game is  focus on combat, the items that can boost hp, skill points, character stats  in a very very large amount are bad
if the game is focus on world building, large amount of xp, chanse, building resorces can be master the game in the right away.
this include equipment,  special items that free player can not  get in anycase
finally what kind of game is good? paied player can get some equipment a bit easyer,, on the other hand, free player can  get most of the items through hard work,killing boss or other way, although it more difficult.
the last question, why i want to point it out?
i don't know how much money per month other country can get to, in China, average income is 5000CNY, , , about 700 US dollars, even less
someone will say, you can stop playing games, yes, everyone can stop playing, but, it's audiogames forum, so we talk about games.

1, Rotk(return of the king)
i don't know what it translated, the boss chest, is  one of the special item that only  get through paied,, you can get random blueprint, it's random, so you don't know it will be your class's or not, as i know, someone who have large amount money spend almost 10000 dollars on it
this just an example, rotk have more things like this
2, linyun
in China, the best audio gamers know, the compiny which created the linyun was created  3 games,  now they are all closed
include a playroom likeRS games
let's just talk about linyun
if you  spend like 4500 dollars, you can get the best pet and the best mount that give very amount of stats boost
linyun have the system what enchant the gems and stones give the equipment a stats boost, all of those you can spend 3500 more dollars to get it right away
also it have exp pills,  you can use the stones you bought to buy it, level up just the case where you can see who give more the money.
there are more and more.
the worst part in chinese audio RPGs are they will unlock level cap and equipment,, even you get the best equipment , in nest few months, you must pay large amount again to get it, if you play it for free, you  won't get the top level when new level unlocks
next, we'll talk  about muds and moo
alter aeon, it's fine, although the practice is really really  the highest price i ever seem, but you can get the practice by xp, 10million per practice  as i know.
weightless backpack, it's fine, clan, it's also fine if it  won't give extra code base  stats.

iron moos, lessons, lessons, lessons, and, another word, artifacts, you have to play a very long time to get the set of skills,,, and i sure you can get it right away if you spend 500 dollars, if you play it for free, them it could be very hard work even lessons, but artifacts, it's nearly impossible.
why i keep saying artifacts,, it give the stats boost like 10% to 20% per artifact.
there are more of that kind.
i didn't talk about the game  that you must  pay first to get into, like swamp,, because it's not free, so you can  wait untill you have enough money, and it don't have this kind of unbalance,, the point here is you can try it for free, but if you don't pay, you can't play it well.
finally, how much i saying? i mean, money?
4500 us dollars,, it's like 30000 CNY, or , 30k CNY, you have to work a whole years to get this number  for the money you made, but you will spend all of that in a game? i don't think it will happen. and it's  impossible, because you must  eat every day, at least, aren't you?

the last word, iron muds just 500 dollars, and they are no level cap unlock, so, i got the  feeling that english moo and muds better than Chinese audio RPG? haha, bu, it no sound hmm.

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2019-01-12 10:18:17

I have heard that the developed countries in the West are very wealthy, and a very ordinary job can have a good income, so people don't have to use games to make money.
In fact, a group of people playing rotk will not be so tired.
Especially after joining a gang.
It's just a little less free.
And you are a student, it is normal to be unable to afford it.

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2019-01-12 10:56:39

Hmmm, you say  four thousand us dollars?  I can't imagine any online rpg with those sorts of items.
The practices in Alteraeon actually cost 250 skill points,that is 2.5 dollars and you don't have to buy one single practice in the game, ditto with weightless containers.

yes there are rpgs  there where you have to spend stupid amounts of money o items (I'm looking at you Sryth), or where the items you must spend money  are random boosts so might not be of any use to you. I also personally really dislike those rpgs where there is a one time buy item that is never available again, so you have no choice about buying it, games  like Kingdom of laothing, but there are also lots of rpgs with very fair items, where  paid items produce a speed boost or the like but aren't anything you cant' get in game without spending enough time and trouble, or where the items are just cosmetic or there to help. Heck, Avalon has a system where as a regular player other players will support you if you can't pay yourself.

I am playing cosmic rage at the second for example, and there most of the donator items are purely there to make your character look good, indeed while I've bought a couple of items they're mostly to support the game.

I personally will only pay for an in game item if it will actually let me play more of the game.
So, if its just a speed boost, or a quick way of doing something, I don't bother, or if its just a cosmetic item for roleplaying  will leave  it since its not generally as worth it.
I'll also often buy items if I want to directly support the developer.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean about lack of choice.
There are several audio games, swamp, survive the wild and I am not sure what has happened to redspot, then there is scrolling battles your world and the only one which absolutely %100 requires payment there is swamp.

In the world of muds and browser games there are hundreds more to choose from, and of course there are also games for the Iphone too.

If you don't like a game or think the payment system is unfair, well don't pay it, and if your looking for games that you can play a lot for free, well there are plenty of those around.

i can't speak of chinese mmorpgs since I've not played many, but really the amount of games to play out there, even as a blind person is still pretty huge, especially when you count all the muds etc, so you shouldn't have problems finding something to suit you.

Lastly, I'll say that not everyone in Europe, America etc is particularly wealthy, I don't have bags of money myself and while I can buy the odd in game item, I always have to think about it carefully,  reason I only buy items that actually enhance my playing experience rather than ones which are just conveniences.
Hope all this makes sense.

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2019-01-12 11:10:12

Hi Snow,

First of all: the game industry is just that, an industry. Especially nowadays lots of big companies realized how much money you can make with games. And so they will.
Most prizing decisions are not based on "what is it worth" or "what is a fair approach" but instead on "what will they pay for it?" It's the rule on supply and demand. Even though you can't afford it, others will. Its the harsh thruth in a capitalistic world.
There are some exceptions of course. Some indie developers just want to bless the world with their fund and exciting ideas. But even those people need some food on their table so they also have to charge you some money for that.

This whole issue with micro transactions bothers the mainstream gaming community as well now for a while. Publishers realized that they can exploid human minds and addictive behavior to trick them into insane payments for shitty contents. Actually it is such a big problem that governments started to try to rule it with the same laws as gambling in some countries.

So long story short: It is a problem as old as economy and it won't stop as long as it works. The only way we can alter the supply is by our demand or by laws. So either don't pay for unfair games yourself or make your government forbid them by default.

Sorry for sounding harsh. I don't mean to. But I believe this to be the truth and the truth never tasts to good.

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2019-01-12 11:25:24

It's just how the industry has evolved. People tried micro transactions, and realised they work. Now every game either does those, or gives you regular dlc that you have to pay for. But holy shit, someone spent $10000 on rotk? At this point I really want to know who that person is just so I can figure out how they have that much money to throw out on a game.

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2019-01-12 13:10:09

these figures on how much a player is spending on a rpg just can't be real.....a few times in the post he put how much currency will translate into American dollars, but it seems like in a lot of spots that translation wasn't made

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2019-01-12 14:09:40

Actually I don't really believe in this particular numbers either.
But as I already mentioned: those micro transaction heavy games are buying into human adictive behavior and thus are already considered to be ruled by gambling laws in some countries. So in some instances some unfortunate people in deed payed an insane ammount of money for a crappy game. Like they pay thousands of dollars on heroine or poker chips in other occasions.
See: this link for just one example I found with a quick google search.
So micro transactions come right from hell imho and thus should be completely banned from the market.

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2019-01-12 15:03:55

The most expensive purchase on Lingyun is around 30 USD. There definitely are numbers stted here that are lost in translation, especially because we are talking about online rpgs from China and most of the people who play them on this forum don't convert chinese currency very well. It's possible for a player to spend some cash to get themselves a boost. A few hundred maybe, but not all at once... these are purchases over time. Certainly nowhere near even $1000 USD, let alone 10000! The most expensive purchase, for 1500 premium stones for items in Lingyun which can be gotten without paying at all, is $30 USD. And very few items are unpurchasable without premium currency. The only ones that are are not necessary items for progress, just things to speed up the game faster. This doesn't mean it's unbalanced.


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2019-01-12 15:37:41 (edited by snow 2019-01-12 15:41:34)

no, i mean, on linyun, you must pay like 4500 usd for a special mount and pet, it's a data that game itself counting how much did you spend on there, rotk also have this kind of system.
after searching, 1usd=6.7CNY, so you can count as a usd=7CNY, so 30000 CNY is about 4200USD, that's ok for answer that someone didn't believe this number?
i know your means,if an item not give the  large amount of stats boost cause it unbalance, just for roleplay or fancy, that's fine.
another point, it is not the translator had wrong translating the number, i didn't use any translator when writing my message, i enter every word myself, include numbers.

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2019-01-13 11:34:44

Show me which mount and which pet you need to pay that money for... unless you mean that if you pay $4500 USD you will automatically unlock it in which case, where in the game does it say that? And who do you think pays for it, really?


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2019-01-13 15:35:35

ok that's linyun
again i don't know what it be translated
NPC xiaoshuang,when you paied 30000 CNY, you have the option exchange pet xiaoshuang, otherwise, it will show up, but clip it will be no effect.
mount linzi, go to NPC wenqusinjun, the require is the same

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2019-01-14 04:31:22

I think he's referring to milestone rewards on donations.  It's more like if you donated $4500, you have an option to unlock a mount.  Surprisingly, there's a few games that do such a thing, especially in the mud community (iron realms games anyone)?   I also know of a few muds with purchases like that too, and with milestone rewards (Threshold RPG literally bars you from following a god if you don't donate $50 first).

      It's not surprising there's milestone rewards that high.  You'd be surprised how much people are willing to donate to get ahead, or support a project.

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2019-01-14 08:12:57

i don't agree with pay to win. pay to play i don't mind. lol just look at GTA for example. now there's a real example of pay to win.

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2019-01-14 09:21:54

Well, I wasn't able to understand any post made by snow, but yes, I have gotten the gist and here are my points:
Developers will search every way possible to get money from their audience. Why? Because they have put their time to develop a game and the resources required were payed, sounds were not freely available, etc. And we actually can't blame them on these. They have rights to charge us money on the content they provide us. It's your wish if you want to pay or not. Yeah, developers literally force us to pay for an item which boosts the health to twice the current amount, but we can't do anything for it. Best advice is to stay away from imbalanced games which I keep in mind before looking at a game.

Best regards
Don't forget to give me a thumbs up!

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2019-01-14 12:25:55

Hi Pranam,

I don't think paying a reasonable price for a well made game is the problem here. The problem is paying way to much for worthless content.
Writing the code for that mount and designing its picture (if any) probably took an hour or two work time for the developers. So charging literally anything for it is already theft imho.
But the devs find mechanisms to make their players pay for stuff like that nevertheless. And the mind tricks and manipulation they use for this nefarious act are outright evil in some cases. Making a game imbalanced if you don't want to pay to much for it is actually quite polite in comparison.

So my advice is: Don't play those games. I know its hard for us blind people because we don't have much alternatives - but supporting this kind of games might destroy the game market we all like.

That in no way means that I want you not to pay for any games. Pay real money for real content. Support developers who try to deliver good games and who also try to eat from time to time. But punish heartless company products trying to suck money out of their customers.

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