2019-01-13 15:36:33

Hey there. my name is James, I like audiogames and watching movies.

2019-01-14 01:39:53

Hi james, you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-15 06:18:38

Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan, I look forward to engage in discussions and to learn from one-another.
My hobby's are Dungeons and Dragons, video games and music.

2019-01-15 16:05:29

Hi ryan, you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-15 20:34:17

I'm Fawaz, A computer science student, I am not into gaming world that much, but I like to try some games from time to time.
however, I have addiction of playroom, I've been there since 2011, (my user name is Fawaz).
other than that now a days playing Great toy robbery.
also tried crazy party and few other games, and a lot of games back in windows xp times.
great to be here.

2019-01-16 02:07:26

Hi Fawaz, you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-16 16:13:56

hey this is madhusudan from nepal, a high school student, small youtuber, works at a radio, writing poems and of course always love to play audio games.

2019-01-16 19:07:27

I am prateek from india, a gamer, student, and a youtuber.
I like to interact with new people and I would love to gane access in audio games forum.
and, I want to be updated with the gaming community as well.

Yesterday 00:03:57

Hi to all the community.
My name is Rob, and I am from the UK.
I am a big fan of dragon ball Z fighting games, as well as action titles in the Audio Game list.
I'm sure we'll all get on, and become friends smile.
Thanks, that's all from me for now smile

Several enemies tried to ambush me in the darkness, only to be casually struck down by my never-ending power!
If you like my posts, do them proud by giving them some thumbs up.

Yesterday 02:25:27

To the 3 previous posters, you are all unrestricted.

Yesterday 22:31:33

I'm 26 years old, have been blind since birth and live in Belgium. I stumbled upon this website by accident while searhcing for an alternative way to download audiodescribed TV shows.

Today 01:18:37

Hello all,

My name is Paul and I'm a big fan of NASCAR racing and interactive audio games.

Looking forward to posting on here about games, racing, etc, etc.

Today 17:55:51

Both of you are unrestricted.