2019-01-13 16:38:46

It doesn't look like this year wants to slow down with new releases any time soon. A bunch of things got announced, and others were the exact opposite - they were never announced but came out of nowhere. And thus, a year in the making, R W Jeffs brings us New Horizons, a free, realtime space combat and trading audio game.

If you played Elite, New Horizons borrows a lot from that game. If you haven't. You can pick one of the many starting factions and ships, and go off into a massive world full of planets, space stations, nebulas, stars and asteroids. Trade goods, mine asteroids, collect nebula gasses, set up automatic mining operations, or go after other ships, either fugitives helping the law or everybody else becoming a pirate. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure out the mechanics you'll probably find it pretty hard to stop playing.

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2019-01-19 22:36:18

I advise you to check out the game, it's a fun time waster!

My tactical battle scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=1
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