2018-12-23 10:13:51

Use page up and page down.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2018-12-23 10:16:06

oh.I didn’t know that
thank you

2018-12-23 13:38:45

Page up for up and page down to go down.

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2018-12-23 18:43:58

yeah page up and page down. I'll make sure to include that in the next readme versions.

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2019-01-11 16:06:50 (edited by pauliyobo 2019-01-11 16:08:56)

Hi there guys. So this is an important question I'd like to ask. I think I've raised this question a lot of times privately. But here we go.
So, I've been wondering if it would have better converting the game to python, or keep it in BGT since the code is on a stable point and it has a medium size I'd say. The pros for me would be:
1. Better error handling. I am running the server on a 512 RAM linux VPS. The server hasn't crashed yet, but if it will, there's no way I will be able to catch the error. With python I can easily log the error, and in a test server I've done that.
2. It would probably not consume all of the CPU and RAM of the server.
3. I could possibly wrap the protocol to SSL.
4. I could use JSON really easily for things I've planned to release
5. As much as you guys couldn't care less,  I could possibly make the game cross platform and have a linux version too. I'd exclude mac because I have no money.
6. The map engine will be probably and I repeat probably modded to support javascript scripting. I am still testing this so I have no clue if this will turn out to be good, or it will be a total failure.
7. Email support will be so damn, fucking, easy to handle.
1. You guys will have to wait a bit, because obviously the conversion will take time, but if you'd like to support the server and the project feel free to donate.
2. The players data is saved in a different format from the new server, so I don't know if the data will be actually converted to the new format or deleted.
3. Your maps will have to be converted in the new language if there will be any, which could be JSON or javascript.
Do you guys think it's worth the time? Do you think this game should continue to stay alive? or, should I just quit developing it?
Should I convert it or should I keep it as it is? Feedback is extremely appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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2019-01-11 16:39:43

I really do think it should be converted to Python.

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2019-01-11 17:41:00

All for python. As for converting data, that's extremely easy to do. All you need to do is write a BGT script that can decrypt the BGT data, get the keys or whatever, and write them to plain text, which python can then read and convert to your new format. If you wish I can write you a script that does that, but I think you can do it on your own as well big_smile So that brings the cons to 2. Converting data should be very very easy unless you are doing things in an unheard of way big_smile

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2019-01-11 19:06:28

I say convert.

You can get my Tactical Battle scripts here, with a documentation included. They allow various things that are not normally possible in the game.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=0

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2019-01-11 20:47:40

yeah go with pithon
its going to take a bit longer to do it but, ya know the results worth it i guess

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2019-01-11 22:26:32

Thanks for the answers guys. Alright then. I will go ahead on what I started. I want to apologize in advance for the time it will take, even if I know that not many people play the game big_smile.

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2019-01-13 11:14:48

hai... i have download this games... i like i can enjoy like sby. thanks... hope see you there guys.

i'm sorry because my english

2019-01-13 13:21:31

This game is cool, i play this game

ice, fire, water, thunder.

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2019-01-14 02:22:19

I  am glad you guys like it. I do really have a lot of ideas which I think could be easily introduced in the game. But, let's hope for the  best. big_smile

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