2019-01-10 03:33:09

Found an article about running Wine games on MacOS that seems to suggest it is possible, and I assume it'd be true under Linux, but I haven't succeeded. I have A Hero's Call running fine, so in theory my Wine prefix has enough in it to run SAPI and MonoGame, but I can't figure out the necessary winetricks incantations to make Swamp work. I assume I need one of the many DirectX-looking verbs they provide, but any idea which one? There's also a dx7vb.dll in the Swamp directory, but DX8 seems to be the minimum version I can get via winetricks. I don't know if DX8 is backwards-compatible, if I should just go with the latest, etc.

I tried manually running the regedit commands in Swamp's batch files under Wine, and while they completed, they didn't change anything. The Applevis article I read suggested initially running checkup.exe under Wine, then trying Swamp. I tried this, but since I can't run screen readers in Wine, I don't know if it succeeded or bombed. I assume I launch it, then press enter to close it? Do I need to tab to another control to take whatever action checkup.exe is supposed to do?

Any help with this would be very appreciated. Wish I could just run it under VirtualBox, but every time I've tried, the mouse handling is exaggerated to the point where it is useless, even though the mouse works fine throughout the rest of the VM.


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2019-01-10 14:09:41

Generally everything OSX-related is threated as a desinformation for me. Your best bet would be to install VB6 Kit found on SOurce Forge.

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